3PL in Baltics

3pl logistics
We provide a complex third party logistics service (3PL) to companies that trade in food, excisable and industrial goods in the Baltics. We guarantee out entire logistics process from the transportation of goods from the manufacturer’s factory to our warehouses, to the issuing of invoices and delivery to the final consignee.

The range of services provided includes:

  • Arrangement for the delivery of goods from the manufacturer to the logistics centre
  • Acceptance and quality control of goods
  • Quality control in accordance with standards agreed with the customer
  • Detailed stock accounting including production date, expiry date, lot numbers (LOT) and other variables agreed with the customer (serial numbers, for instance)
  • Extra services including goods and information labelling, excise labelling, translation, 1+1 packaging, promotional packaging and vacuum packing
  • Warehousing, balance accounting and assurances around stock rotation in accordance with the “expiry first out” (FEFO or FIFO) principles
  • Selection, packaging and despatch of orders
  • Direct delivery to all trading networks in the Baltic
  • Delivery to independent trading points, the HoReCa(food and beverages) sector and individuals
  • Collect on delivery (COD) service
  • Return of goods (reverse logistics) 

Girteka is an independent and exclusive logistics provider and, as such, is interested in more than simply the sale of a service or product. By working with us, manufacturers and wholesalers will see improved punctuality in the delivery of goods and a reduction in the costs that they pay for logistics. Our prices are calculated according to an easy-to-understand methodology, which directly corresponds to the sales or transactions made by the customer.

If you want to improve the order execution cycle and reduce additional costs that arise between the factory and the customer then you should be talking to Girteka.

Working with us, you will:

  • Track the delivery of goods at every stage as well as order execution
  • Reduce the amount of inventory you have to carry and, therefore, free up funds normally frozen in warehousing
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Plan logistics costs more efficiently
  • Develop direct business without limits