Career in administartion

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When we encourage young people who sometimes don’t have experience in the transport and logistics sector to join our team, we provide them with all the knowledge and practical skills they need to fulfill their potential and develop their careers with Girteka Group.

Almost all of our top managers and senior line managers progressed up through the ranks from line manager, assistant manager or even courier. Our managers help new employees adapt to the specifics of working in Girteka Group as quickly as possible and to achieve great results. Having progressed from line management to senior management, our department heads are actively involved in staff training to help them improve their skills and to open up further career opportunities for them.


Continuous growth and the ambition to expand and improve the company’s services have led to the structuring of operations and to the creation of new units, which are managed by employees demonstrating best performance and willingness to seek higher levels of responsibility.

And now – meet our employees. We are especially proud, that our employees are not just professionals of transport and logistics industry, but also talented and creative personalities, with varieties of hobbies and interests. This video below was created by our employees on their own initiative, for one of our events. Special thanks for the main movie director Robertas!