Girteka Logistics Fleet

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Girteka Logistics has one of the most modern and updated fleets of trucks and trailers in Europe. We have our own large fleet of vehicles which are registered in Lithuania and Russia and are fitted with the latest technologies to ensuring rapid and safe transportation.

Our fleet consist of:

3300 TRUCKS - 2-axle and 3-axle, meeting Euro 5 and 6 emissions standards. 
2900 REEFER TRAILERS - single & double deck semi-trailers, equipped with with thermographs, T-Bars and newest cooling units.
600 TILT TRAILERS - standard & mega tautliners with XL certificates.

GPS is used for the control of all transport operations and allows us to maintain 24-hour communications with our vehicles. We know the exact location and movement of vehicles, can remotely control the temperature of goods and the opening of vehicle doors to ensure the safety of the cargo.



13.31m x 2.55m x 2.45m

  • For food products and other cargos that need special conditions during transportation or extra security
  • Temperature range from -25°C to +25°C;
  • All semi-trailers equipped with thermographs and T-Bars
  • 33 euro pallet capacity
  • Maximum loaded weight of 23 tons
  • Double deck trailers: 66 euro pallet capacity



13.6 m x 2.56 m x 2.48 m

  • 33 euro pallet capacity
  • Volume: 92m3
  • Maximum loaded weight of 24 tons


13.6 m x 3.00 m x 2.48 m

  • 33 euro pallet capacity
  • Volume: 100m3
  • Maximum loaded weight of 24 tons