Best protected reefer trailer fleet in Europe

2016 / 11 / 04

Valuable cargo is at risk all over Europe, theft from trailers is increasing and refugees on the road become a greater risk for road transport cargo.

Girteka Logistics has one of the biggest reefer trailer fleets in Europe, and has now ensured that this fleet is also one of the best protected.

In order to effectively stop these threats immediately and ensure a safe feeling for our drivers and clients Girteka Logistics has invested to special blue TAPA TSR level 2 extra safety metal locks.

During the second half of 2016 Girteka Logistics is installing additional mechanical door locks and plates with 4th security grade Mul-T-Lock padlocks on all reefer trailers. This security solution prevent rear trailer doors from easy opening.

The new locking system is part of Girteka Logistics TAPA TSR certification.
Photo: © Sebasthian Volmert