Girteka Logistics Services

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Girteka Logistics strive to provide best in class service to our clients.

Our international route network offers full truck loads, ranging from a few trucks per month to many trucks per day. In fact we annually deliver more than 230.000 full truck loads on behalf of our clients. We also operate more than 220.000 Sq.m of storage space in our modern and efficient full service warehouses.

We both own and operate our own fleet of trucks and trailers, we have 3300 trailers and 3500 trucks. Our fleet is one of the youngest available and has an average age of only 2,5 years, this eradicates most mechanical issues and mean we are very fuel efficient.

Our route network is unique and well developed over time, it ranges from the top of Scandinavia to the south of Europe and beyond to the most remote cities of the CIS Region and Russia.

Typically our clients use Girteka Logistics for the following services:

  • Road transport of full truck loads covering Europe, Scandinavia and the entire CIS region including Russia

  • Warehouse services including labeling, consolidation

  • Third party logistics service (3PL )

  • Geographical coverage

  • Value added services

  • Industrial solutions

Most of our client relationships are based on long term partnership contracts where we set out delivery times based on fixed routes, transport requirements and commercial details.