Value Added Services

excise warehouses


  • EU directives stipulate that excise goods, which are subject to temporary deferment of duty, may only be shipped by an authorised excise goods warehouse. From there, the goods can be shipped to other warehouses and to other registered traders in other member states or sent beyond the EU’s borders.
  • Customers from EU countries as well as Russia and other CIS member states can store alcoholic beverages shipped from the EU and third countries in our logistics centre without having to pay excise duty.
  • Keeping goods in an excise warehouse makes sense for both wholesalers and importers from the EU, Russia, and other CIS member states. This facility is often frequently used when a customer plans to ship goods from one EU member state to another or when the goods are going to be exported outside the EU.
  • Goods are checked at the time of acceptance to ensure that they comply with quality and other standards
  • We can attach excise and information marks or other labeling
  • Goods arranged according to orders, packaging and shipping priority



  • A professional team of customs intermediaries provide all the necessary services for customers who import or export goods and transport them through the Baltic countries in transit including:
  • Execution of trading transactions
  • Preparation of customs documents
  • Representation of economic entities that have to declare goods for customs procedures
  • Representation to obtain the necessary licenses, certificates or permits from the relevant customs, governmental or other official authorities
  • Execution of export procedures for subsidised products and guarantees for duty deferment
  • Representation in veterinary and phytosanitary services
  • Consultancy on customs procedures or other actions that are subject to official regulations
  • Administration of official tax requests, replies and complaints plus preparation for interaction and negotiation with other institutions

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