Warehouse logistics

We can offer the most efficient logistics and transport solutions and thereby reduce costs to the customer because our warehouses enjoy favorable statuses when it comes to customs and excise.

 Girteka Logistics can carry full and part loads to our warehouses. Once in our warehouses, we can consolidate loads, redistribute, handle and collect them according to the customer's requests as well as preparing the documents necessary for export and then deliver them to the required destination.

We can combine shipments at the EU border in containers and in trucks and then consolidate them. Manufacturers who have factories around the EU or around the world can consolidate shipments intended for a certain region and then distribute them from the warehouse.

Girteka offers intermodal transport at attractive rates and it is possible to deliver goods to Girteka customs warehouses in Lithuania from EU member states in marine containers or by truck. Once in our warehouses, these can then be processed and shipped to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and other CIS member states by road.

To give our customers a full range of logistics services, we operate the refrigerated freight terminal in Ventspils, Latvia, the largest in the Baltic states. It can handle freight moved by ship, in marine containers, and via roll-on, roll-off ferry.

Thanks to our terminals in Vilnius and Ventspils, we can handle all types of freight carried by marine or land transport.

We can store and transship goods intended for both EU and export markets in our Type A customs warehouses and modern free warehouses that have been assigned EU numbers and certificates.With controlled temperature ranges of -30°C to +20°C, the warehouses can accommodate any type of goods, can automatically account for incoming and outgoing freight and have video surveillance and round-the-clock security patrols. All our services are covered by civil liability insurance.

When we store goods destined for markets beyond the EU in our customs warehouses, there is no need to pay import duties or taxes and these warehouses can also be used to store products subsidised for export. Officials from the national veterinary and plant protection services as well as officers from both customs and customs intermediaries are available to take care of the necessary paperwork and formalities promptly.

Warehouse services for shippers from Europe to Russia and third countries:

  • Customs intermediary services
  • Phyto-sanitary and veterinary services
  • Customs warehouses
  • Excise warehouses