Hollywood glamour at Girteka Logistics as “001 Lithium X“ is filmed at our HQ

Girteka Logistics became a filming stage for a new Lithuanian-American co-production movie “001 Lithium X“ directed by Israeli born, U.S. based director Guy Moshe.
“001 Lithium X“ is a fantasy drama about a near future: The ozone layer over the planet during the day has risen to 50 degrees Celsius thereby turning the rhythm of life upside down - people sleep during the day and live at night. Communication in the virtual world becomes the norm blurring the limits between what is real and what is virtual.

James D‘Arcy plays the main character who is aware that his heart is “unhealthy.” His last hope is to use a government-funded program “to change the heart and cloned.” The ex-wife agrees, but she has a different plan - not to only change the heart.  

The main actor James D‘Arcy, is famous for his plays in movies “Cloud Atlas“, “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World“ and others.

The major part of the fantasy drama is being filmed in Vilnius, Lithuania. There are 66 cinema specialists in the filming crew and most of them are Lithuanians.