WE CARE is more than a slogan for Girteka Logistics, it’s the core principle on which we build our business. WE CARE guide our daily operations and decisions in the four pillar of Service, Results, People and Future.

Real value for customers

We believe that only by creating valuable services and fulfilling needs of our clients we can create a trusted and steady enterprise.
Empowering & secure jobs

We believe that our employees are what make our Company so special. Secure and meaningful jobs are an unquestionable must.
Keeping promises & goals

We believe that only by achieving goals and maintaining financial stability we can fulfil our commitments to clients, employees and societies.
Environment & sustainable development

We believe that every business enterprise must bring benefits for the society and for the environment in which it acts.
The core principle and key notions are a foundation for our mission, vision and the values.


We work to help our customers to be more competitive while focusing on excellence in logistics and investing in the development of our employees and technological resources.


To be a trustworthy enterprise in the fast-changing logistics industry, and to accomplish expectations of our customers, employees, partners and communities.


  • We pursue to excel in all areas of our business
  • We combine best solutions for each and every client
  • We plan and achieve best results, but focus on the process as well

  • We invest in technology and innovative management practices 
  • We take responsibility and achieve what was promised
  • We aim to deliver on time, but traffic safety is priority in planning

  • We are flexible and take individual approach to every request
  • We help each other to be leaders in our work
  • We act responsibly towards environment and communities