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Girteka Drivers’ Academy is strongly focused on preparing the newly employed and current drivers to periodically update their knowledge and to improve their safe and economical driving skills. It is important that drivers learn not only the technical knowledge but also the guidelines of proper behaviour and communication in order to be able to respond professionally to various situations occurring at work.

For the convenience of drivers, there is a Drivers’ Academy located at transport divisions of Girteka in Šiauliai and Poznan.

Each member of the Girteka Drivers’ Academy team is a qualified specialist in his / her own field with competencies in both internal and external training. Skilled and fond of their work, these specialists have indepth knowledge of regulations and changes thereof, as well as an understanding of the latest developments in the transport sector, making them well versed in the technical characteristics of trucks, and their operational requirements and capabilities. All teachers have certificates of qualified status.

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Vardas Pavardė
Responsibilities: Eko vairavimas, ADR, TAPA ir kt.
Experience: Patirtis Girteka Logistics
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Kvalifikacija, kursai, sertifikatai, mokymai

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Vardas Pavardė
Responsibilities: Eko vairavimas, ADR, TAPA ir kt.
Experience: Patirtis Girteka Logistics
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Kvalifikacija, kursai, sertifikatai, mokymai

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Types of Drivers’ Academy programmes:

The training center provides formal training programmes for the acquisition of drivers’ professional qualifications and their periodic improvement (code 95). There are also informal trainings that are no less important for the preparation of drivers: theoretical and practical testing, consultations on issues relevant to drivers. In total, the Training Center has 13 training programmes.

ECO driving

This training focuses on safe and economical driving training. Thanks to telematics, we can monitor the progress of the driver and advise how to do driver safer and in more economical way.

95 code training

This is the professional training of international transport drivers. We teach according to initial (long) and periodic programmes.

Safe driving 

After the training, drivers are able to monitor the traffic situation on the road, understand, forecast and make decisions. The training also provides an overview of the causes of the most common accidents and advice on how to avoid them. Drivers are explained the importance of choosing a safe speed, keeping a distance, and so on.

Safe driving in winter

Training programmes for drivers working in Scandinavia and Norway. They cover those topics that are most relevant to working in the Nordic countries. Periodicity – before each winter season.

Driving simulators

Before the test drives, drivers have the opportunity to improve their driving skills with the help of simulators.

Transport documents

Training for all drivers. The purpose of the training is to explain and teach how to fill in various transport documents, declarations, etc. correctly.


Due to the constantly growing number of employees, the companies belonging to the Girteka Group has a need to improve the qualification of employees in the workplace, therefore they plan to train the group’s international freight drivers according to the prepared Economic and Safe Driving Training Programmes. The theoretical and practical part of the in-service training programme will be taught by qualified specialists of JSC “Girteka” Drivers’ Academy. Drivers of international freight vehicles will gain advanced qualifications in economical and safe driving.

The purpose of the project – to increase the competitiveness of drivers who have acquired economic and safe driving competencies and practical skills, thus ensuring their mobility in the labor market.
Project results – train 12,480 employees of the Girteka Group of companies, providing them economic and safe driving competencies and practical skills.
Name of the project – Improving the qualification of employees in the workplace
The project is implemented by – JSC “Girteka”
Partners of the project – JSC “Girmeta”, JSC “Girtrans”, JSC “ME transportas”, JSC “TERMO trans”, JSC “TRASIS”, JSC “Termolita”, JSC “KLP transport”.
Total project value – 718 281,60 Eur, of which the European Union investment from the European Social Fund will be up to Eur 359 140.80.
– Vilnius, Šiauliai
Start date – 2019-09-15
End date – 2021-10-06

Funded by the European Social Fund.