Transport Divisions - Girteka - Responsible Logistics
Address: Pročiūnų str. 16, Šiauliai
Tel. nr.: +370 618 12 790

Girteka Šiauliai Transport Division includes a drivers’ training center, drivers' rest area, truck service depot as well as departments of transport, cargo flow and HR.

For the convenience of drivers, there are waiting areas, food/coffee machines, showers, and washing and drying machines at the premises of the base. Free Wi-Fi is available in the drivers' rest areas, repair shop area and lounge. There is a secure on-site parking lot, with a capacity of more than 400 vehicles for cars, and more than 200 for trucks and trailers.
Address: Poznańska str. 4, 62-080 Sady, Poland
Tel. nr.: +487 890 09465

Girteka Poznan Transport Division includes: administrative premises, training centre and rest areas for drivers.

For the convenience of drivers, Poznan Transport Division includes: waiting areas, rest area, food/coffee machines, kitchen, showers, washing and drying machines. Free Wi-Fi is available in the areas most frequented by drivers, the repair shop area and the lounge.

Girteka Group has its transport bases in Lithuania (Šiauliai) and Poland (Poznan).

Why should I choose a job at Girteka?
Because Girteka is a large logistics company with a long-established reputation of being a reliable carrier across Europe.

Our strengths:
•  Competitive salary;
•  Theoretical and practical trainings for drivers in our own Driver Academy;
•  Competent and helpful managers;
•  Standardized driving time/rest periods;
•  Full vehicle service;
•  Travel across Europe countries;
•  Additional personal benefits for company employees.

What is Girteka Group? The company was founded in 1996 and started its business with just one truck. Today, Girteka is proud of its achievements in the European transport and logistics sector with as many as 9 000 Girteka trucks and over 19,000 drivers reaching the farthest parts of Europe and the CIS countries daily.
In order to provide a quality service to customers, a team of 23,000 professional employees works every day. We are particularly proud of the fact that many of them started their career in Girteka as long as 15 years ago. It is this strong team that is the main driving force behind Girteka, and which has created a true success story for the company.
Our culture, work and service are defined by our sense of purpose. We are the Digital Trucking Company that blends traditional trucking with modern technology. Driving the distance between factories and families, we support our clients in delivering promises to their end customers. We want to be the obvious first choice for our communities, clients, colleagues, suppliers, and other stakeholders.