On September 7-8 Girteka Logistics participated in the Discussion festival “Būtent!” (Makes Sense!) organized for the second time in a row. One of the main goals of the event is to demonstrate that important decisions are inseparable from a diversity of attitudes.

Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Girteka Logistics, participated in the discussion on road safety “0 died on this road this year” in the open space between professionals of different fields. The discussion revolved around what needs to be done in order to significantly reduce the number of road accidents and help to pursue the “Vision 0” strategy. “It was very valuable for Girteka Logistics and myself to join such a high level road safety discussion at Butent. Road Safety is at the heart of our company, and with 10,000+ truck drivers on the road we must engage at every possible angle to be the best in the industry,” says Kristian Kaas Mortensen. The discussion was also attended by the Chairman of the Board of the Lithuanian-Swedish Academy T. Fagerlund, Minister of Transport and Communications R. Masiulis and philosopher, urbanist Dr. J. Lavrinec.

During the event, the audience was invited not only to listen to interesting and nationally important discussions, but also to spend time in the Road Safety zone for children and adults created specifically for this event by Girteka Logistics. Traditionally, the educational light reflector zone set up in a semi-trailer attracted much attention.

Here, in complete darkness, with the help of a flashlight, visitors could see light-reflective information about road safety and assess their visibility in the dark.

Activities in the bicycle slalom track built for children were linked to the activities of Girteka Logistics. Participants had to ride to the load, pick it up and deliver in accordance with road traffic regulations and safety requirements.
In an interesting and entertaining lesson given by Police Commissioner Aistė Dijokaitė, the children learned road safety rules and had an opportunity to apply them in practice. According to A. Dijokaitė, who has been given road safety lessons for 11 years already, “There is a lot of information about road safety, but in my experience, children remember more and understand better when they get involved in the lesson and can participate by sharing their own experience, when they are given have a chance to think and answer questions, ask questions and get answers from a road safety specialist.”

Girteka Logistics has been participating in road safety initiatives for the past three years. In cooperation with the Lithuanian Police, we are implementing our mission “WE CARE” – community, road safety and caring for the environment. With 5000 trucks and 5500 semi-trailers, we are an active part of the traffic, thus road safety is our top priority.