This fall Girteka Logistics has gone one step up. We received the Level 1 TAPA (Transport Asset Protection Association) TSR Certificate, which enables the highest standard of cargo transport.

With TAPA, we have become even safer. This standard of cargo safety requirements provides safety requirements that are acceptable worldwide. They are aimed at ensuring safe and reliable storage and transportation of assets of any TAPA member. During the certification, cargo transportation vehicles as well as technologies ensuring security were checked. Very much attention is paid to security policies and assessment of security procedures and measures.

The TAPA TSR Certificate is classified into three categories: vehicles meeting the highest security requirements are rated as Level 1; those that meet lower and minimum storage requirements receive Level 2 or Level 3. Before, Girteka Logistics had a Level 2 TAPA TSR Certificate.

This internationally recognized certificate guarantees the quality of the services provided and increases the efficiency of storage and transportation processes.

The TAPA organization unites more than 700 members: from world-class producers, logistics service providers, cargo carriers to other interested organizations. Girteka Logistics currently employs about 12 thousand people, and is planning to almost double the number by 2021.