Today members of Swedish Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania visited Girteka Logistics. Representatives from Telia, Baltic Amadeus, TMD partners, IF Insurance and more visited our headquarters to learn about our company and especially our LEAN culture.

Every morning around 600 Girteka Logistics employees are participating in Asaichi meetings, our colleagues working in an open office areas are no longer surprised to see large groups of visitors. Our LEAN approach visualizes our work management, team unity and organizational culture.

Girteka Logistics, CCOKristian Kaas Mortensen presented the company, its growth and challenges working in Scandinavia. Darius Kriukas, Organizational Director, spoke about our LEAN management system, its implementation and value creation.

“My opinion changed 360 percent since I entered Girteka Logistics building. At once, you can feel the company is open, transparent, positive and modern. I noticed you are visited quite often, the third time I received the invitation it made me really interested of what is here to see.

The biggest impression was how ambitious and brave your goals are, and how you manage to constantly improve so many areas of the organization,“ – says Toma Matulytė, CEO, Sergel.

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VGTU) Strategic planningquality management and analysis center Senior Specialist Rimvydas Labanauskis was highly interested in our experience with LEAN management system: “LEAN now became very fashionable; today everybody talks about it or says they are implementing its methods. However, more often these appear to be only nice words. I came here being curious of how it really looks in Girteka Logistics. Yes, I am convinced 100 percent, that here it is one of the best practices of LEAN and the main key to its success is the top management who believes in its benefits and who keeps working on it every day. Girteka Logistics has a high organizational culture and the courage to keep up with its fast growth in such a dynamic market.“