Volvo Trucks and Girteka Logistics cooperate not only in business, but also on social projects.

Earlier this year Volvo Trucks Lithuania initiated a fantastic project “Be. Discover. Choose”, the project attracted almost 350 young people to become better acquainted with the business of transportation and logistics, and potentially see their professional careers here. The project concluded on September 21 with a unique final event – an economic truck driving contest “Students’ Fuel Challenge” which took place at the Nemunas Ring racing track in Lithuania. Girteka Logistics was among the event’s partners and sponsors.

The initiative, jointly organised by Volvo Trucks Lithuania and a number of training establishments for drivers, car and truck mechanics, and transportation managers, was also attended by representatives of the Logistics Industry. Transportation is one of the most significant sectors for economic development, responsible for over 12% of the gross domestic product of Lithuania. The transportation and logistics sector is one of the key employers with up to 109,000 employees. During last year alone, the sector was responsible for creating 7,000 new jobs.

The growing logistics sector makes a significant contribution to the Lithuanian economy, and provides young people with excellent opportunities for pursuing careers in international business. Not only for drivers, but also for mechanics, managers, and experts of finance and many other fields. We are happy to join the initiative of Volvo Trucks Lithuania, because it provides both high school and college students with an opportunity to better acquaint themselves with this sector and perhaps even choose it for their future careers,” said the Head of Marketing at Girteka Logistics Neringa Rimšelienė.

The final event of the social project “Be. Discover. Choose”, organised by Volvo Trucks Lithuania, is unprecedented in Lithuania. There are plans to continue the initiative next year, and expand it to smaller towns in Lithuania.