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15 000 th driver joined Girteka Logistics team


Girteka Logistics continues the tradition to celebrate important achievements. On February 3rd the event took place at Girteka Logistics transport base in Poznan (Poland) regarding the employment of the 15,000th driver in company. 

All the participants were greeted by the head of the transport division of Girteka Logistics in Poland – Vitalijus Daukšys. Vitalijus noted the successful development and growth of the Polish division, which was opened in 2019, and shared that today there are working already 2,000 drivers, and the fleet consists of almost 700 trucks. “The plans for the future include the equally ambitious growth of the group of companies in Poland and the achievement of new heights”, – Vitalijus noted.

Then the congratulatory speech was continued by the Chief Transport Officer of Girteka Logistics – Mindaugas Paulauskas. Mindaugas summed up the outcomes of 2020 and noted that the results of the group of companies were good. Last year was not easy for everyone, but despite all the difficulties and adjustments that the pandemic brought to our lives, Girteka Logistics continued to deliver food and essential goods to the residents of Europe, Scandinavia and the CIS countries.

Mindaugas also thanked the team of drivers and managers, who proved by their close-knit work that we are the number one choice for our customers, and the slogan “Delivering our clients’ promises” perfectly shows the readiness of Girteka Logistics to continue business activity in the same mode. We are also pleased that despite all the challenges, the company was able to ensure sustainable development and growth. “Today we are here to celebrate an important achievement for Girteka Logistics – the employment of the 15,000th driver and to congratulate our new colleague together, ” the CTO said.

The jubilee driver was Arsentsiy Zhylinski. We invited a colleague for a short interview:

How do you feel about being the 15,000 th driver? 
Exciting, when so many people are looking at you together with all the management team. After all I’m the driver, and not the media person. But it’s very pleasant.

Can you share your story with us, how did you become an international truck driver? 
At first, I was working as a driver in Belarus, and when I decided to go into the field of international transportation – I immediately joined Girteka Logistics. I was looking for a big company that would have everything debugged: there should be a repair staff, service center, and in a case of emergencies there must be support which will help. Also, the advantage was that you gave the opportunity to find a job for drivers who have no work experience. You help with practical skills, with trainings and give the internship.

How long have you been working in the Girteka Logistics group as a whole? 
About 3 years.

What are the advantages of working at Girteka Logistics for you, and what do you like the most? 
A great plus to all the above is that your trucks are new, they are under warranty, and company provide very high-quality service for the trucks. You also have support service for drivers which include manager, duty managers, SOS support. I do not feel myself like alone, I have on the contrary feeling me as a part of a large team that is 24/7 in touch and provide supports. It is worth noting the internationality and multiculturalism of Girteka Logistics. At all service centers, transport departments, you can meet colleagues from your country, or Russian-speakers, what, if we are able – make possible to spend a minute on communication. This is quite important and allows you to feel as a part of the large friendly team.

Our event today coincides with your re-employment (after a couple of years). Why did you choose Girteka Logistics for the second time? 
I had a good impression after my first experience in your company. When there was a question of re-employment – I immediately decided to go to a familiar, proven, reliable organization.

How did the employment process go for the first time and now? 
The first time I contacted directly to the HR Manager in Siauliai and now I employed through the partner agency “Fortisplus”. The employment process in both cases went smoothly, but now, having a larger set of documents, I was able to save some time.

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Finally, we would like to ask can you wish something to all the drivers of the group of companies Girteka Logistics, of which there are already 15,000? 
I would like to advise to all not to read reviews on the Internet. Based on my experience, when you diligently do your job, without excesses – then the process of work proceeds smoothly, without flaws, and all payments are accurate and correct. There are different drivers, with different views on the situation… We need to work honestly and hard, and that’s what we’re all here for.

Girteka Logistics is one of the largest modern transports and logistics companies in Europe, delivering goods to customers throughout Europe, Scandinavia and the CIS countries. The company’s vehicle fleet consists of 7,400 trucks and 7,800 trailers, and the team of drivers counts 15,000 colleagues!