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Being a part of development and change


Sometimes it is an employee that changes the organization, other times it is the organization that changes the employee. Yet the most beneficial outcome is synergy – when employees help shape the organization that gives them opportunities to grow in the first place. And this is what you can find today in Girteka.


Girteka, a leader in the European logistics industry, has become known for its impressive growth trajectory and a result-oriented focus. The company has established a culture of professional development, fostering talent growth and providing a myriad of opportunities for its employees to excel. This dynamic work environment, coupled with a variety of development tools, has helped shape careers and pave the way for success, as exemplified by Elena Sipe, a dedicated leader of international teams at Girteka.



The Girteka Advantage: Tools for Growth and Development


Being a large and continually growing company, Girteka provides every employee with possibilities to develop their career while contributing to the company’s journey. To bolster this growth, Girteka has implemented several tools and initiatives, with a particular emphasis on learning. Accessible in various languages and forms, these include:

  • E-learning
  • Internal know-how base
  • Mentorship program
  • Leadership development programs
  • Leadership Library
  • Language courses


These resources are designed to empower employees, offering them the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles and grow within the organization.


Balancing Act: Personal Growth and Professional Development


Elena Sipe, Head of Finance at Girteka, is known for her openness and perpetual drive for improvement. She attributes her professional success to the supportive environment at Girteka and says, “I think my colleagues appreciate me for my openness, positivity, and encouragement to keep improving.”


Elena’s philosophy extends beyond her professional life into her personal interests, which involve active recreation and nature. “I get my energy from wakeboarding, snowboarding, and relaxing in the woods,” she shares. This balance of personal and professional growth is a reflection of Girteka’s culture that encourages its employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


The Intersection of Passion and Profession


Elena’s fifteen-year journey in accounting and finance led her to Girteka. “I was looking for a job in Lithuania and Girteka was looking for me,” she says. The company’s success story and ambitious plans resonated with Elena’s own aspirations.


Within Girteka, Elena found an ecosystem that not only valued her skills but also fostered her professional growth. The company’s commitment to nurturing talent, combined with a multitude of development tools and opportunities, has supported her evolution from a Financial Controller to a leader of international teams.


Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning


Girteka champions a culture of continuous learning and improvement. As Elena notes, “The Girteka philosophy of ‘being one percent better than yesterday’ and being very result-oriented allows me to improve. And I can see that this dedication to growth is mirrored in Girteka’s investment in education and development initiatives.” She continues her educational journey, having sponsored studies at the ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania, and participating in the company’s mentorship program.


Embracing Challenges and Leading Change


In the dynamic world of Girteka, Elena thrives on challenges. “Every day is a new challenge, whether it is going to a new market or contributing to strategic objectives,” she says. “This resilience and determination to succeed are qualities that my company values and nurtures in our colleagues.”


Girteka’s commitment to fostering talent is the cornerstone of its corporate culture. The company offers a wealth of opportunities, robust training programs, and a supportive environment to help its employees grow professionally. Whether you are just starting your career or are a seasoned professional, Girteka offers a path for growth, just as Elena’s journey attests.