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Decoding Decarbonization: Girteka’s New Podcast Unveils the Future of Green Transport


Continuing its efforts to bring sustainable solutions into practice, Girteka is pleased to announce the next step in its educational campaign on sustainability in transportation: an insightful podcast series. This initiative focuses on bringing closer information about possibilities, benefits, and methods of decarbonizing supply chains, revealing such technologies and solutions as battery-electric vehicles (BEV), intermodal transport, or HVO100.   

Hosted by Aliya Khutova, Marketing Communication Specialist at Girteka, the podcast series will feature concise interviews with a variety of experts from across industries, NGOs, governmental bodies, and more. These discussions aim to illuminate the complexities of sustainable transportation and encourage a broader understanding and dialogue on these vital issues. Yet the goal is also to create a platform to share experiences, ideas, and knowledge among all companies, solution providers, carriers, and all interested stakeholders who are seeking ways to become more sustainable or looking for insights and information.   

“Our podcast seeks to demystify sustainability in transportation, breaking down its complexity into engaging and reachable conversations,” said Khutova. “We invite our listeners to explore these topics with us and engage in a meaningful dialogue about the future of our industry. It is important that we understand the complexity of sustainability, yet we find common ground in implementing it.”  

The series starts with an episode featuring Viktorija Terekė, Head of Sustainability at Girteka, where they discuss the current challenges and legal frameworks shaping sustainable transport solutions today. All episodes are available through social networks, including Girteka’s YouTube channel and LinkedIn Newsletter. 

In the next episodes, in discussion with industry leaders and experts such as CargoBeamer, Volvo Trucks, TTLA, Girteka, and others, we will explore specific aspects of sustainability, such as the capabilities and benefits of BEVs, challenges of infrastructure and emissions reporting, and more. Through these discussions, the series will highlight innovative strategies and developments that are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sustainable transport.  

Listeners are encouraged to join the conversation and share their views as we navigate the complexities of decarbonization together. Subscribe to Girteka’s digital platforms to not miss any updates and be a part of this important discussion.