ECO League is a motivational program for drivers at Girteka Logistics to encourage safe and economical driving. By employing this initiative, we strive to reduce the risk of errors and accidents while protecting environment and ensure the quality of our services.

The first season of ECO League started in July 1, 2018 and continued until December 31. The League welcomed drivers who participated in ECO training. The following criteria were used to calculate the ECO score: empty mileage, ground run, autopilot, brake pushes, sudden braking, stops, engine load.

During the half-year competition, the driving style of drivers was being evaluated. Depending on the economic indicator collected, participants fell into a relevant league: bronze, silver, gold or platinum. Each of the drivers had the opportunity to rise from a lower qualification group to a higher one and vice versa.

On January 9, 2019 Vilnius Transport Unit of Girteka Logistics welcomed the winner of the first ECO League season. The winner was Laimutis Gervinskas, a longtime employee of Girteka Logistics. He collected 97.19 points of economic driving. The driver, who won the ECO League, was awarded a holiday travel voucher of 1000 euro. A total of 24 drivers of the PLATINUM league were awarded. Their eco-driving score was over 90.

Drivers who took 1-3 places in the GOLD league also received awards. Their driving performance ranged from 89.38 to 89.54 points.

At his speech of congratulation, Chief Transport Officer Donatas Načajus said: “Today we are happy that our growth and development is proven not only by numbers, but also by ensuring the quality of transportation! When driving economically, we also drive safely and responsibly, thus reducing the risk of errors and accidents. I say on behalf of the company that we understand the fact that success does not come only by following the technicalities of our work – it is really the effort of each and every one of us. Therefore, we care to thank every person adding towards the common success, we care as much about the work as we do about celebrating our achievements.” Daiva Kirklienė, Head of Girteka Logisitcs Drivers Academy, also welcomed the participants of the event: “We are glad that the project has proved to be successful, we will keep on developing it, and we believe that it will flourish!”

After the awards, we talked to the first-place winner L. Gervinskas, and he shared with us his way to achieving such great results: “First of all, you want to be motivated to achieve more, you have to put some effort into all this and then you can achieve anything.” According to Laimutis, such programs as ECO League are really beneficial and they need to be developed.

The second season of ECO League started on January 1, 2019. The finish of the season and the calculation of results is scheduled for June 30 the same year.