Girteka Logistics hosted its first Supplier Day on October 4, 2018. The event brought together top executives from Girteka Logistics and more than 120 representatives from the company’s most important suppliers to discuss partnerships, progress and plans.

The event was kicked off by the CEO of Girteka Logistics, Edvardas Liachovičius, who outlined company’s strategy and growth.

When planning to double our truck fleet in three years it is essential that our partners understand and know not only what is Girteka Logistics today, but most importantly where we are heading to and how are we planning to reach our ambitious goals.

Live communication and networking with the partners plays a very important role in company’s development. Girteka Logistics puts major focus on quality, innovations and creating additional value for our clients in Europe, Scandinavia and Russia. We implement new technologies and develop services that our customers expect from the Girteka Logistics brand. Therefore, we involve world’s well-known suppliers in strategic discussions and planning at an early stage during Supplier Day’18.

“We are proud of our strategic suppliers who with their commitment to our customers and to the development of our company is an integrated part of our success. With this Supplier Day we were able to forge a closer relationship, share experience and develop a common understanding, “– says Edvardas Liachovičius, CEO of Girteka Logistics.

The future business opportunities were discussed after Girteka Logistics provided insights into the company’s strategic roadmap, quality objectives and recipes of company’s growth success while our partners shared the newest information about services and products trends and innovations planned.

The participants enjoyed relevant topics presented during the day, valued the chance to network and even had an opportunity to try a truck driving simulator.