Girteka Logistics, which has planned impressive growth by 2021, is investing in the professional and personal growth of its employees. As many as 80 company managers have started their studies at the ISM University of Management and Economics, where they are going to learn effective leadership.

The long-term cooperation between Girteka Logistics and the ISM University is the result of an innovative approach to business trends and quick adaptation to market changes. The division and department leaders will deepen their knowledge studying in ISM University leadership skills development programs focused on contemporary management methods and leadership. On September 19, the opening ceremony of the study program for the managers of Girteka Logistics at the ISM Innobase and presentation of the program was crowned by the signing of a symbolic act of the beginning of studies by all the participants.

According to the president of the ISM University of Management and Economics Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alfredas Chmieliauskas, the requirements for a modern manager are higher as the professional fate of other people depends on their decisions, therefore managers must constantly improve themselves.

“For a manager it is necessary to study not when he or she wants to become a leader, but when they want to improve their personality, as they set the bar for a great many people. I am glad that our university has been chosen by a company with an innovative approach to the future business. Close cooperation with strategic partners in science as well as in different business fields contributes to the development of a progressive business environment that helps ensure a continuous improvement of the management,” said the president.

“Cooperation with the ISM University of Management and Economics is essential for us as a fast growing company in order to train professional managers and motivate our reserve managers who are preparing for the growth. We strive to make sure that our managers employ methods that are consistent with future business trends to ensure effective teamwork and internal corporate culture.

It is our goal to inspire our colleagues to grow and improve together with the company. We are glad to have the ISM University, which offers innovative studies, as our partner,” says Edvardas Liachovičius, Chief Executive Officer of Girteka Logistics.

As many as 80 Girteka Logistics managers will begin their studies at the ISM University. Most of them will study in the program especially developed for the business of Girteka Logistics. This program is the first business-oriented product of such a large scale developed by the ISM University, setting a new standard for company investment in employee education. After the academic year, the studying managers will apply their theoretical knowledge in building teams and contributing to the growth of the company’s results.

At the beginning of the year, Girteka Logistics announced a 29.7 percent growth and is the leading road transport company in Europe. Currently Girteka Logistics has a team of 12 000 professional employees, and plans to grow it to 23 000 employees in 2021. The company owns a fleet of 5,000 trucks and 5,500 semi-trailers.