Girteka Group real estate company Sirin Development has finished a warehouse with more than 16,000 sq.m. This new modern warehouse is stage one of a large warehouse complex, when finished in 2020 the full complex will consist of three warehouses and total 62 000 sq.m. The full complex of three warehouses will also include administrative premises on the 30 ha land plot. The investment in stage one was approximately 9 million euros.

This new industrial park is strategically located for warehousing: just 6 km from the airport and 7 km from Vilnius city centre. Liepkalnis warehouse complex is distinguished by its size, A class energy efficiency and a high quality of construction. According to Sirin Development Director Laurynas Kuzavas, the aim is to provide tenants with management of the warehouse and let clients focus on their activity.

Detailed information:

  • A class complex and A class energy efficiency;
  • Land plot – 30 ha;
  • The beginning of construction:

I stage – started: 2016 m. December, finished: 2017 m. November;
II stage – started: 2017 m.

November, finishes: 2018 m. November.

  • I warehouse with administrative premises size more than 16 000 sq. m. (16 529 sq. m);
  • II warehouse with administrative premises size around 16 000 sq. m.;
  • III stage is planned on 2019/2020, warehouse with administrative premises size around 30 000 sq. m.;
  • 9 million EUR were invested in the first stage construction;
  • Another 9 million EUR will be invested in the second stage construction.