Girteka Logistics reached employment of truck driver number #8,000 on January 17, 2018.

“Today we reached new heights with the employment of Girteka Logistics truck driver #8,000. This is a new milestone and a strong testament to our efforts, towards being the best company for trucks drivers in Europe,” – says Donatas Načajus, Chief Transport Officer.

“It’s with special proudness we welcome Vaidas Grigaliūnas as the 8,000th truck driver in our employment. Vaidas was for more than 8 years a truck driver for Girteka Logistics, but left our company in 2015 to be closer to his family while his father was ill. Vaidas has now decided it’s time to rejoin his old colleagues, and we welcome him back with open arms and warm hearts,” says Indra Murauskienė, HR Division Manager.

“Today was a total surprise for me. In the middle of my introduction class I was surprised by colleagues and awarded the status as truck driver #8,000. I have always been happy to work for Girteka Logistics, and have enjoyed to see not only the growth of the company, but as well how the company has transformed itself and offers very good working conditions for us drivers,” – says Vaidas Grigaliūnas, Driver 8,000, Girteka Logistics.

Vaidas and his many colleagues from the introduction class were celebrated in many ways, including a small party with the transport management and other colleagues. Vaidas also received a personal and specially decorated Mercedes Actros truck for his first trip as truck driver #8,000 for Girteka Logistics.

“Girteka Logistics has for years worked on how to best manage a large group of drivers, meaning we have systems in place for everything. Girteka Logistics has also for years invested heavily in education and training of our drivers via our Girteka Logistics Drivers Academy, this attracts drivers like Vaidas to our company at a time where Europe and Scandinavia faces a shortage of such experienced drivers,” – finishes Daiva Kirklienė, Drivers Academy Manager.