On Friday September 16, Girteka Logistics Drivers Academy together with the Lithuanian Police created a road safety day in Šiauliai, Lithuania.

The day focused on road safety for school children, and included our Drivers Academy educating their trainers in blind spot detection and prevention.

The children from local schools learned about road safety and how to safely behave in the traffic. Local police participated with expertise, equipment and sharing of best practice.

Daiva Kirklienė Head of the Girteka Logistics Drivers Academy said “Road Safety is our highest priority every day, we are grateful for the local Police and children from surrounding schools for helping us in creating better trained drivers”

The event focused on Girteka Logistics Drivers Academy better understanding how to protect children in the traffic, and at the same time start teaching local school children how to be aware of heavy equipment in the traffic.

The event introduced safe behavior to the children, and also allowed children to see and try the equipment used by Girteka Logistics and the Police. Each child had an opportunity to personalise their own safety vest to make it fashionable enough to be worn everyday, now that the dark mornings approach.

“We are strongly committed to road safety and will continue these kinds of events in the future”, says, Kristian Kaas Mortensen, Chief Communications Officer of Girteka Logistics.