EXCELLENT FOR SAFETY - Girteka - Responsible Logistics



IRU awarded its Diploma of Honour to best drivers from 28 countries worldwide for their excellent driving and safety records today, at the IRU General Assembly. Two drivers of Girteka Logistics were also nominated and awarded with the Diploma of Honour.

This prestigious award honours long-serving, safe, loyal and upstanding goods or passenger professional drivers who have performed to the full satisfaction of current and previous employers. Girteka Logistics drivers Jurij Versilo and Genadij Lukasevic received those awards as well.

Each award winner has professionally driven a minimum of one million kilometres during a career of at least 20 years without causing an accident or committing any serious violation of traffic, Customs or administrative regulations.

Congratulating the drivers, IRU President, Janusz Lacny, said, “These drivers deserve recognition for their outstanding hard work and dedication to becoming the best in the industry.

They represent the high level of professionalism that we promote within our sector. Such performance serves as an example to younger drivers while raising the profile of the profession. They demonstrate the industry’s efforts to improve safety records by emulating best practices through professional training as provided by the IRU Academy.