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Girteka Group organization adapts to tackle logistics challenges


In today’s ever-changing logistics market, the need for flexibility and adaptability is more crucial than ever. We are transforming to be more customer-focused and adaptable, enhancing our agility and cost-efficiency to strengthen our market position, as a responsible and sustainable organization. Our primary focus is on achieving economies of scale and tapping into synergistic effects that can enhance our operational efficiency.

The organizational transformation will focus on the road transportation services and transport asset management. Concurrently, the company will continue to secure a stable pool of drivers through different initiatives, due to the overall truck driver shortage. The forthcoming changes will involve a series of strategic decisions to achieve our business objectives:

  • We will merge our transportation business to become more competitive and customer-oriented.
  • We are building dedicated seafood logistics services, under the brand of Thermo-Transit.
  • We will continue the transformation of shared services and group structures finding similarities and space for improving accuracy and efficiency.

We are making changes to become a more agile and focused organization to continue our successful growth. However, as we optimize and restructure our roles, we might expect to see a reduction of redundant roles in certain areas, up to approximately 5-10% of all office-based roles in the Girteka Group. There will be no impact on our drivers or maintenance colleagues.

Decisions regarding the planned reorganization and reduction of redundant roles shall be taken after statutory consultation and information procedures and following all applicable legislation.

These changes will help us continue to grow, be more efficient, and stay ahead in the logistics market. By embracing flexibility, scalability, and a customer-first mindset, we are building a stronger organization that is ready for long-term success and growth.

About Girteka Group

Girteka Group is the largest European asset-based transportation company, delivering more than 776,000 full truck loads (FTLs) every year, with more than 8,000 fully owned trucks and 9,000 trailers that operate in Europe.

As Girteka, we have a clear aim to be the obvious first choice for our clients, colleagues, partners, community, and shareholders.

Every day, we strive to provide the best experience possible and ensure the highest transportation service reliability. With more than 14,000 passionate employees, we are making a meaningful impact on the future of logistics.

We are committed to highlighting the importance of truck drivers’ profession, road safety, and environmental impact as well as raising awareness on the responsibility every one of us has towards society and our surroundings.

We secure profitable and sustainable growth with our partners and shareholders through state-of-the-art digital solutions that drive us towards the future. This is our Responsible Logistics.