Girteka is helping its colleagues with 1 million EURO additional payments - Girteka - Responsible Logistics

Girteka is helping its colleagues with 1 million EURO additional payments


As the cost of living continues to rise, many people are struggling to make ends meet. For those on lower incomes, one of the biggest expenses can be energy bills. The current high cost of energy, including heating and electricity, can make it difficult for these individuals to heat and power their homes, which can have a major impact on their quality of life. To help alleviate this burden, Girteka has started an initiative to subsidize energy costs for its employees and will pay extra 1 million EURO to its employees.

The program is designed to reduce the influence of high energy prices on colleagues’ home budgets. Analysing the market situation and cost increase, especially electricity and heating, Girteka Group decided to support employees with a one-time payment up to 350 net as a response to rising inflation. One-time payments will be provided for administration, maintenance, and warehouse employees, except those with higher incomes, above the Lithuanian average.

As Dainius Kinderevičius, Head of Compensation & Benefits at Girteka, says: “We see that colleagues were affected the most by the rise in the cost of living. However, we are proud to be a supportive employer, and we are stepping up for our people when they need us to help them through this difficult period.”

Responsibility to our colleagues means not only focusing on daily business operations, providing necessary tools and creating an environment for personal development, but also reacting to the situation and concerns that our colleagues can face in their daily private lives. In fact, the concept of employee well-being is becoming more and more important in many organisations. That is why more and more companies come together to invent new initiatives and programs aimed at improving their employees’ well-being.

Various types of challenges such as step challenges, hackathons, advice from dietitians, psychologists, and employee sports clubs or health insurance are just some of the packages available in companies today. Additional days off are also becoming more and more popular, such as on the occasion of a birthday or wedding.

Being responsible logistics company, it is not only activities towards environment.  We treat it as really important message, that we are responsible to our clients, communities, partners, stakeholders and last but not least colleagues. – summarize Dainius Kinderevičius.