GIRTEKA LOGISTICS GDP CERTIFIED BY SGS - Girteka - Responsible Logistics



Girteka Logistics wishing to further enhance its commitment to high quality standards has worked with SGS to formalize our commitment to the transportation of pharmaceutical products where “Good Distribution Practices” GDP is requirement.

“We are proud that a leading company such as SGS has assessed and certified Girteka Logistics as meeting the requirements of Good Distribution Practices GDP (EU GDP), Guidelines on Good Distribution Practices of medicinal products for human use,” says Ramunas Stanisauskas, Process and Quality Manager of Girteka Logistics.

Obtaining this GDP certificate from SGS further underlines Girteka Logistics commitment to be the best in class in every industry it operates.

“For us having this GDP certificate is a strong testament to our internal commitment to adhere to the highest standards in the industry.

We have in recent years been continuously audited by various international Pharma companies, therefore obtaining the GDP certificate was merely the final positive step,” says Arunas Zgirskas, Quality Manager and GDP Lead at Girteka Logistics.