Girteka Park office will open up – more than 2400 Girteka Logistics administrative employees will move to an office developed by Galio Group - Girteka - Responsible Logistics

Girteka Park office will open up – more than 2400 Girteka Logistics administrative employees will move to an office developed by Galio Group


Administrative staff of Girteka Logistics, the largest asset-based transportation company in Europe
, will move to new headquarters in Lithuania. The company signed a lease agreement with real estate development company Galio Group. Due to exclusive interior resembling a natural oasis, the office named Girteka Park will invite its visitors to “stay”. There will be a gym, a library to work in quietness, a restaurant and other services dedicated only to employees. In this new office Girteka Logistics employees we will work on the principle of cooperation. They we will be able to constantly change workplaces, choosing to spend their working day either in privacy-friendly working places or in spaces created for teamwork.

“Seeking to create good working conditions for all members of our team, we are glad that more than 2400 administrative colleagues will move to work in an office that follows modern office trends and meets the needs formed by the new reality. When choosing the new headquarters, we focused on ensuring comfort for our colleagues looking for a convenient office location and the functionality of the building. We also wanted our HQ, which will bring together the most administrative staff, to be suitable for cooperation,” says Mindaugas Aleška, Head of Administration at Girteka Logistics.

The business center Girteka Park will be located next to one of the main transport arteries of Vilnius, at Laisvės ave. 36, probably the best accessible place by both public and private transport in the capital, connecting the central part of the city and the major sleeping districts of Vilnius.

In this office, Girteka Logistics employees will be able to use the benefits dedicated only for the company’s employees. There will be a gym, a library to work in quietness, a restaurant and other services. The six-story office will also be equipped with as many as five outdoor terraces, where employees will be able to work in outdoor workplaces, eat and relax in lounges. Outdoor terraces will also be suitable for various internal events.

It is planned administrative staff will be working on the principle of cooperation in the new office. They will be able to constantly change workplaces, choosing to spend their working day either next to their team members or in shared locations such as library, terraces and other. One of the main advantages of the office is a big number of workplaces and spaces created for teamwork.

“Once we move to the new office, we are going to encourage more cooperation among colleagues working at different teams and departments. In many cases, joint projects unite specialists from various fields, thus the new office will provide us with a better possibility to work together and individually depending on business and personal needs. Such a model was chosen seeking to adapt to the new reality when we must ensure our employees with the possibility to work from wherever they want. Starting this June, hybrid work model is applied in our company meaning administrative colleagues dedicate a part of their time for work in the office and the rest of the time for remote work”, says M. Aleška.

The building, where Girteka Park will be located, is leased from the project developer, real estate development company Gallio Group, which has allocated over 30 million euros for investments in this project. Until now, the aforesaid building has been presented to the public and potential lessees under the name Freedom 36.

“While developing this project, we aimed to create a solution for companies which are looking for modern quality office space located in a very well accessible area for both employees and partners. Creating new projects, we wish to give our future clients everything they might need: aesthetics, high level of comfort, natural lighting, fresh air, also an ability to change office layout. In addition, I believe this modern business center and its future community will inflate life and create addition value for the whole area”, says Aurimas Martinkėnas, Real estate development project director at Galio Group.

Indrė Narauskaitė, Head of office solutions at Newsec, international real estate consultancy firm, which intermediated the agreement, this is the largest office lease agreement in 2021. “During the first half of this year, the total area of office lease transactions concluded in Vilnius office market amounted to 46,000 sq. m, and the second half started with the highest, 14,000 sq. m area, office lease. Usually, per one year, only one or two office lease transactions of similar size are concluded in Vilnius“, – says I. Narauskaitė

Girteka Park will be located in 14,000 sq. m area, in a six-story A+ energy class building, which already has a BREEAM Very Good certificate for the technical design of the building. Once the building is completed, solar panels will be installed on the roof of the building, which will produce about 10 percent of the annual electricity demand of the entire business center.

Underground, above ground and nearby car parking lots will be equipped with approximately 540 parking spaces. A part of them will be adapted to charge cars with electricity. There will also be storages for bicycles and scooters, shower cubicles, changing rooms. The business center will also be adapted for people with disabilities.

The Scandinavian style intertwined with natural elements will dominate in Girteka Park business center. The main accent of the interior will be oases of live plants, resembling a walk in a green and lively park in the city spaces. This will be taken care of by the team of DO architects, who can boast of interior design projects in the offices of Vinted, SEB, Delfi and other well-known companies which have opened their doors in recent years.

It is planned Girteka Logistics will move to Girteka Park in the first quarter of the next year. Currently, Girteka Logistics HQ is in Lithuania, Vilnius,  1 Račių st.