Most of Girteka’s admin department staff has moved to a new office in Vilnius — Girteka Park.

The 14 thousand square metre, six-storey building is truly exceptional. Inside, you may find the newest facilities, from comfortable workspaces in various locations to the gym that will soon open, rest, quiet and creative zones, a library, five outside terraces that could also be used as workspaces, and a restaurant called Dialogue. In addition, it’s an excellent venue to hold various events, conferences, meetings, or any future initiatives.

Scandinavian style and live plant oases

As soon as you set foot in the building, you’re surrounded by the Scandinavian style. Plant spaces are the key interior elements, reminding its visitors of a walk in a lush and vibrant city park. In fact, it was precisely the unique, nature-oasis-like interior that inspired the Girteka Park name.

The modern energy class A+ building with solar batteries that generate about 10 percent of the annual electricity demand was designed by Unitectus architects Tauras Paulauskas and Tomas Tankelevičius. The interior space was created by the DO architects team, known for successfully implementing the interior projects for Vinted, SEB, Delfi, and offices of other prominent companies.

Five independent artists, winners of the „Laisvė Kurti“ (eng. Freedom to create) competition organised by the „Galio Group“, contributed to making the interior design of the building. Hence, five building storeys are now adorned with their signature paintings, created specifically for this office space.

Moreover, there are more than 540 parking spaces in underground and surface car parks, some located at the entrance of the building. Besides, there are electric vehicle charging points. For those commuting by bike or scooter, there are storage rooms as well as showers and changing rooms. The business centre is also accessible for disabled people.

Fellowship and desire to create the best possible working conditions for our employees

“When selecting the new office space, we focused mainly on making sure that colleagues feel comfortable – finding a convenient location and designing a functional building. Besides, we aimed to leave areas for collaboration and partnership, a concept that aligns with our company’s culture,” shares Mindaugas Aleška, Chief of Staff at Girteka.

According to Girteka’s representative, before there were even talks about moving to a new office, the majority agreed in one accord that the company doesn’t simply need another office: “We kept a close eye on trends, analysed and researched the world’s best workspaces. We wanted to keep up with the modern standards and create the best possible working conditions for our employees that we can provide today. Our aim was not only to provide a comfortable workspace to each employee but also to create a stimulating professional environment.”

Aleška is pleased to see dreams and ambitions come to life – a space that meets the needs of the new reality: “The great advantage of the office are the spaces dedicated specifically for team collaboration. In the future, we’re hoping to create more chances to foster teamwork amongst colleagues working in different departments so that they could gather together for joint projects”.

Furthermore, all artwork in the office is not solely for decoration but, according to Girteka’s representative: “It has been scientifically proven that artistic spaces have a positive impact on employees’ emotional state, creates unique ambiance, helps to calm down, relax, and inspires to create. It can be difficult to generate ideas working amongst cold white walls or in offices, equipped with no heart and consideration for employees’ professional and emotional well-being.”

Innovative managerial decisions produced an exemplary office

“It’s a sustainable and energy-efficient building, designed and built following the international sustainable building Breeam standard. We created this business center keeping in mind the company’s requirements: to construct modern, high-quality premises that are easily accessible to employees and customers,” claims Aurimas Martinkėnas, Director of Commercial Projects at Galio Group.

According to the property developer representative, the new business centre is not only environmentally friendly but also focused on the well-being of employees. All elements, including natural light, clean air, excellent sound isolation, convenient layout, and various thought-out spaces, work together for employee welfare. Another critical component significant for the whole company was surrounding its staff with an aesthetic and eye-pleasing environment.

A. Martinkėnas shares the same views as Aleška, claiming that it’s crucial to grasp the importance of the work environment and its impact on employee performance. Therefore, the workspace should be adjusted to meet the employee’s cultural needs yet be convenient and suitable for everyday work.

“There are different types of employees, so their work principles vary accordingly – some require peace and quiet, whereas others prefer working in shared spaces and don’t seem to mind a more noisy setting. Some like to have lunch at work, while others want to change the background and rest only outside the office. Some are early birds, but others start to feel productive only around noon. Meeting everyone’s needs in one office space isn’t easy, but it’s achievable. Girteka Park is an example of an office whose leaders care about their employees. I am confident that Girteka’s leaders’ decision to invest in employees’ well-being will pay off. I believe that everyone will find a suitable space in the office that will motivate and increase their self and organisation-based self-esteem. Consequently, it’s likely to affect both their personal and whole company’s results positively,” claims Martinkėnas.

About Girteka

Girteka is the largest European asset-based road freight transportation provider, transporting more than 880 000 full truckloads every year, with over 9000 trucks operating in Europe and Scandinavia. Supported by over 20 000 colleagues, Girteka Logistics has been the choice of the largest international brands for their transportation needs.