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Girteka’s Expanded Intermodal Services from Sweden to Germany Pave the Way for a Sustainable Future


The logistics industry is at a pivotal moment. As businesses, governments, and consumers increasingly prioritize sustainability, companies must adapt and innovate. One such ground-breaking development is the expansion of intermodal transport services by Girteka in partnership with Samskip. This expansion signifies a step toward a decarbonized, efficient, and customer-centric logistics ecosystem.


The Green Milestone: A New Chapter in Intermodal Transport


Starting from December 2023, the intermodal solutions enable cargo transportation from Nassjo/Katrineholm in Sweden to Duisburg in Germany. The services are available seven days per week, providing full flexibility and increased capacity. One of the strongest customer-centric aspects of this initiative is the enabling of decarbonized supply chains. With the constant pressure from both governmental bodies and consumers for companies to adopt greener practices, Girteka’s expanded services are a direct response to this demand. By shifting towards railway-based transportation solutions, businesses can actively decrease their carbon footprint and third-scope emissions.


Sustainability by Numbers


The newly expanded services are targeting a concerning issue in road transportation – decarbonization. While specific numbers will depend on various factors such as load capacity, this initiative is expected to result in a tangible drop in CO2 emissions per ton-mile up to almost four times less, thereby enabling customers to have a decarbonized supply chain. Following recently announced EU plans to increase focus on intermodal solutions within the Greener Freight Package, Girteka is incorporating the plans already into business cases, beneficial for companies, logistics providers, and communities.


What stands out in this development is not just its ecological significance, but also its focus on customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. The use of rail connections ensures that there are no stops or delays in transport. “Our customers are at the core of this expansion. The main goal of it is of course lower emissions and reduce the carbon footprint of logistics services. And with extensive fleet and capacity possibilities, we can address even the most challengeable needs from customers” states Adele Lasionytė, Head of Business Unit at Girteka.


Gert Jan Meijer from Samskip expressed their enthusiasm: “This partnership symbolizes what can be achieved when companies align their strategies with broader global goals. It’s a win-win for everyone, from customers, through communities to stakeholders focused on sustainability.”


This initiative showcases Girteka’s role as an industry thought leader. Collaborating with Samskip signifies a collective commitment to both present needs and future challenges. With digital tracking, route optimization, and other technological advancements, the expanded services set an industry standard. And what can be already stated customers have shifted into the services utilizing the opportunities to decarbonize the supply chains that come from intermodal solutions. 


On-Time, Every Time: The Reliability Factor


What’s even more compelling is the assurance of time-sensitive deliveries. The railway connection eliminates unnecessary stops or delays in transport, allowing for a more predictable and reliable shipping schedule. “We are not just transporting goods; we are transporting trust. Our clients can rely on us to get their cargo where it needs to be when it needs to be. This is our responsibility to them” highlights A. Liasonyte.


The use of railroads also means shorter driving routes for truck drivers, improving not only fuel efficiency but also working conditions for them. This human-centric approach is another reflection of the company’s commitment to responsible logistics.


“Our joined commitments will by default lead to an exciting journey whilst optimizing the opportunities that our both companies encounter. With today’s suffering European economies we will deploy the assets when and where we see sustainable demand.”– summarize Gert Jan Meijer, Samskip. 


Continuous progress


Since the introduction of intermodal services six years ago, Girteka has grown into the largest reefer carrier by intermodal transport in Europe. This expertise is backed by data: in 2021 alone, the Group saved over 14.4 million kg of CO2 emissions, and in 2022, it was already more than 16.7 million kg. This represents a 16% increase in CO2 savings year over year. Moreover, the services cover more than 16 million km across the EU, involving more than 16,100 fully loaded trailers on rail tracks.


Girteka’s commitment to responsible logistics is manifested in new intermodal services, offering not just eco-friendly but also business-related solutions. With this initiative, the company upholds the promise to deliver – providing a balanced approach to meeting today’s sustainability challenges while addressing the operational needs of businesses.