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Girteka’s list of benefits for colleagues grows with additional health insurance


Today, an employee is attracted not by salary alone. For the young generation, additional benefits, organizational culture, or values ​​represented by a company are becoming increasingly important. Young generations are not only looking for a job that will meet their salary expectations, but companies where they can collect experience, develop in business but also companies that take care of their well-being or caring for the health of their employees. That is why additional benefits, such as health insurance, are becoming a mandatory element. This is also the case at the Girteka, which is the largest European asset-based transportation company.

Health is most important

In Poland, public health service unfortunately still leaves much to be desired. Therefore, additional benefits at work are becoming increasingly important for us, thanks to which we can stay healthy and enjoy it with families and friends. One of the answers to these needs is a benefit in the form of health insurance. For example, in the Girteka, health insurance covers the financing of outpatient and inpatient treatment in hospitals, treatment of serious diseases, preventive examinations, ophthalmic and dental examinations and treatment, as well as all basic medical procedures.

“We know and understand that employees are the greatest asset of any company. How they fit to business needs, how they develop themselves in parallel with the business and how effective they are is crucial. We also know that recently, as a result of the pandemic, the approach to health has changed significantly. Therefore, we decided to introduce a new benefit for employees. We collected data and information to provide best and tailor-made solutions that combines needs from business and employees’ perspective,” says Jens Hovgaard Jensen, Chief People Officer at Girteka.

Additional, free health insurance for administrative employees is the latest benefit in Girteka, which employs almost 3,000 employees in its offices throughout Europe including Poland in Sady, near Poznań. Many people have decided to work for Girteka precisely because of the organizational culture and additional benefits that the company provides to employees.

According to the latest data from the HAYS Poland Salary Report (, both an extended medical care package (34% of respondents) with flexible work opportunities (34% of respondents) and additional days off (25% of respondents) are the most important non-salary benefits from the employee’s perspective.

Well-being and its effect on business goals

The concept of employee well-being is becoming more and more important. That is why more and more companies come together to invent new initiatives and events aimed at improving our physical and mental well-being. Various types of challenges such as step challenges, hackathons, advice from dietitians, psychologists, and employee sports clubs are just some of the packages available in companies today. Additional days off are also becoming more and more popular, such as in Girteka on the occasion of a birthday or wedding.

“Today, we see among our employees a willingness to help and act to improve living conditions and care for the society. Hence, we give employees the opportunity to participate in various types of voluntary initiatives, providing them a paid day off for this. Business is more effective with people fulfilled with their own needs, that are corresponding to challenges and opportunities we have as company. This is one of the core elements of our Responsible Logistics strategy,” concludes Jensen.

To be competitive in the employment market nowadays requires more than a good salary. The younger generation looks into the company’s compliance with its approach and values. Therefore, the key element in terms of attracting young people is not by providing a list of benefits, but combine employees’ profiles with business needs and organizational culture. When those two elements meet, both business and employees are most efficient and fulfill their goals at the same time.

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