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How digitalization simplifies drivers’ daily tasks


Working as a truck driver is a tough task. But the profession is not what it used to be many years ago. Today, there are plenty of opportunities and innovative solutions that alleviate a driver’s workload. State-of-the-art trucks, with the latest technological solutions, cameras, and automatic systems as well as increased safety and comfort features – all of those things allow drivers to focus on the road and complete deliveries on time. Delivering goods between companies also requires some formal and official work to do. How to avoid additional tasks and still fulfil all formal requirements? Digital solutions are the answer.

Driving is just a part of a driver’s work. Loading, unloading products, securing cargo, and checking their status, filling all necessary documents are just as important. And it is not something new – in any kind of job, there are routine tasks and paperwork that need to be completed in order to deliver the best quality services. Today, digital solutions are transforming the way we work and the way processes are designed and conducted.

Can you imagine today’s driver having a bunch of papers to fill in during delivery? And how complicated organizing and storing documentation in their cabins could be? And what if somehow some document is lost? Today’s digital solutions not only support drivers in driving with the help of different systems like Anti-lock or Electronic Braking System, Automatic Traction Control or Electronic Stability Control, etc., but also simplify their daily tasks and communication with the transport manager.

Simple tablet with all features

A solution known as telematics collects information of driving performance, the status of trailer and cargo, fuel consumption, localization etc., and can also be used in terms of communication with transport managers or company departments, responsible for information flow, document preparation or even accounting.

“Our entire fleet delivering goods everyday in Europe, is equipped with digital tablets. It allows us to communicate with drivers instantly, support him in basic needs, like reserving parking place, finding petrol stations, etc. And in case of emergency, truck systems are integrated with the company’s internal systems, securing support 24/7 with automated processes,” explains Dariuš Olechnovič, Telematics Team Lead at Girteka.

The digitalization of services and processes inside the company is a great benefit for the driver. Having an easy-to-navigate tablet with a dedicated system, a driver can:

  • Define his activities
  • Contact the transport manager
  • Plan future routes
  • Navigate
  • Generate needed documents
  • Analyze driving performance

The dedicated digital software solution, used in Girteka’s fleet, provides drivers with an easy-to-use, simple list of activities where they can do the pre-departure inspection, buy needed permissions, get instructions and reports, provide information about the trailer, ask for help or report a problem.

The system guides the driver step by step with simple clicks to get all the relevant information and deliver it to transport managers and integrated systems, where based on that information, predefined processes can be conducted. For example, whenever the driver hits the HELP button in case of an emergency, information is immediately delivered to internal departments inside the organization and the Police, to secure the driver and the cargo.

Other possibilities for drivers are related to purchasing different taxes and tolls as well as fuel. With this solution, a driver can easily, within 2-3 clicks, order a code, that allows him to fill up with fuel in an exact petrol station or order a vignette for a specific country and period.

Communication works both ways. Transport managers use the tablets installed in the trucks to provide all the relevant information starting from the route of next shipment up to instructions, changes, or just tips and insights to help drivers on their way. And as some of them can be triggered by the data or a certain situation, instant support is provided.

In addition, the solution provides all needed and required information regarding drivers’ working hours, rest time, according to the latest regulations of the Mobility Package. Therefore, drivers are always informed and can check their status, time of work and rest, and plan their schedule according to the possibilities. All of that information is supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to avoid errors and secure the best drivers’ conditions.

No more paper documents

The process of logistics services is still quite complicated, from ordering services, to establishing routes, trucks and trailers, connecting with drivers, setting up loading and unloading time, providing confirmation documents on every step, up to invoicing. All those processes are based on information gathered form the truck’s telematics systems and the driver’s input. In the past, it was not possible to do that without a human, which involved a high risk of human errors and also cost precious time.

The telematics solution used in Girteka’s trucks allows the drivers to automatically send all documents to the company’s integrated systems. Connecting  the tablet with a mobile app allows the driver to make photos, report issues, attach documents in digital form in a very quick and simple way. With AI based tools to recognize text, programmed with verification algorithms, the system automatically speeds up the processes of providing required documents like CMRs, invoices, cargo delivery documentation, reports, permissions etc.

One organism to increase efficiency and save time

Digital solutions allow to integrate different hardware from several places, including truck and trailer. As a result, the processes are quicker, easier, and minimize the risk of errors. What is very important in terms of drivers’ working conditions, is that the systems run 24/7, allowing the drivers to complete their deliveries instantly, without having to wait for the manager’s approval or colleagues’ support from other departments.

It is also very convenient for the customers, as all requirements can be easily adapted, and the information is basically immediately delivered to them through the systems, including documents delivered through Transics by the driver.

“All data, activities, information, documentation are easily sent to our system, including SAP dedicated solutions. And as we have more than 150 robotics processes automation, most of that happens behind the scene. All stakeholders, customers, drivers, and internal colleagues, get instant information and relevant documents, including confirmations, invoices etc. It is not only a quicker solution but also allows customers to simplify their workload and systems, as most of our solutions are individually designed and can be adapted to their needs,” summarizes Olechnovič.