How to minimize risk during the transportation of pharmaceutical products

How to minimize risk during the transportation of pharmaceutical products


Rising costs from research and development, production and the supply chain – combined with adhering to strict EU regulations are just a few of the headaches you’ll need to overcome when working with logistics in healthcare.

The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and requires tight control of the whole distribution environment so that products remain safe and in perfect condition.

Pharmaceutical products are normally time and temperature sensitive, so transgressions from a strict distribution protocol can impact product quality, shelf life and effectiveness.

Transportation is one of the most complex tasks in the pharmaceutical supply chain and requires special handling and monitoring services.

As soon as the products are made, the clock starts ticking.

The logistics journey must work seamlessly to move a product from a manufacturer to consumer as smoothly and quickly as possible. A fragile cargo with specific temperature handling conditions  and an expiration date means extra care is required from beginning to end.

Safety, traceability, and temperature maintenance in pharmaceutical transport are critical elements to assure product integrity.

For healthcare employees, they want to be confident that the products that they are dispensing meet the required standards. While patients want peace of mind that the medicine they are taking is safe.

Why is it so important to choose a good logistics company?

Girteka Logistics have been providing logistic solutions and transportation services to the pharmaceutical industry for more than 20 years.

To minimize the risks during transportation, a pharma logistics partner in summary needs to:

  1. Understand and comply with all necessary regulations such as
  2. Invest in a modern and sustainable fleet to manage cold chain logistics.
  3. Protect the integrity of the products with a robust security protoco
  4. Educate and train a professional staff of pharmaceutical transport experts.

Following Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

An important regulation for European Union manufacturers and transport companies or suppliers of logistics services is the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) guidelines.

The GDP describes the minimum standards that a wholesale distributor must meet to ensure the quality and integrity of medicines are maintained throughout the supply chain. It regulates aspects such as equipment and installations, documentary follow-up, transport, vehicle cleaning, temperature monitoring, etc.

To ensure the appropriate distribution of pharmaceutical products Girteka Logistics is also certified with quality management systems and applies industry standards such as GDP. ISO 9001:2015 – Quality management

  • TAPA TSR level 1 – Security management
  • SQAS – Quality, safety, security and environmental performance attestation

Maintaining cold chain logistics when shipping pharmaceutical products.

Using temperature-controlled shipping is vital to ensure that there are no variations in temperature during the transportation part of the supply chain. From when the journey begins from the manufacturer, right through to the end when the product reaches its destination safely.

Any type of vehicle used in pharmaceutical transportation must comply with temperature, cleanliness and insulation parameters to ensure the quality of the products. These measures are addressed for distributors in the GDP guidelines.

Typically, pharma products need to remain in a temperature-controlled environment. Any deviations up or down, have the potential to damage the product. So, transporting these products requires an extra level of care and attention. Girteka has temperature alert system in all trailers used to transport medical products.

Active cold chain transportation is the best option, using an insulated trailer with built-in cooling units designed that keep the cargo at a constant temperature. Protecting the products from excessive heat, light, air and humidity during the shipping process.

Climate-control within a trailer becomes a necessity, but equally important is washing the inside of trailers before sensitive medical products are loaded, ensuring clean and odorless transportation.

Our pharmaceutical transportation solution includes:

  • Dedicated fleets for Europe, Nordic & Russia
  • age of fleet – 2 years
  • European and Russian registration trucks
  • 7000+ Euro6 emission Trucks
  • 5300+ Thermoregulated (reefer) trailers (Single & double deck)
  • Temperature range from -25°C to +25°C
  • Alert system in case of temperature deviations

How to protect and secure your high value shipments.

Cargo theft is one of the largest risks associated with pharmaceutical manufacture and transport. Most pharma cargo can be considered a very high value load.

Many pharmaceutical products, especially controlled substances, are highly coveted because they can command a high price for criminals when traded illegally.

When transporting pharmaceuticals, it’s an absolute necessity to have theft prevention protocols in place for such high value products. Supply chain security measures are needed to stop thieves selling, adulterating and counterfeiting products.

Girteka’s long experience in healthcare logistics means we offer a wide range of services that enhance safety and security. Proactively we carry out route risk assessments in order to plan out routes to minimize risks.

For such high value and sensitive product transport we  employ advanced tracking systems that monitor the cargo 24/7. All the trailers have a high security additional door locking system, GPS surveillance and remote monitored thermographs.

In addition, we provide:

  • Frequent contact with the driver throughout the course of the shipment
  • Team drivers
  • Parking only in secured parking spaces
  • Direct route with no additional stops
  • Additional safety measures like panic buttons and third-party surveillance.

Qualified professionals for transporting pharmaceutical products.

It is mandatory for Girteka Logistics staff who are directly involved with medical product transportation to pass appropriate training.

Our dedicated and qualified staff will determine the necessary safety measures,  considering customer requirements, the cargo characteristics, distance, and road conditions.

Our skilled employees, all of whom are GDP subject matter experts, have extensive experience in pharmaceutical transportation. We handle the entire process from planning through execution and administration, ensuring that product integrity is never compromised.

Girteka – conclusion

Girteka Logistics is Europe’s leading asset-based transport company, with many years’ experience in healthcare and the pharmaceutical product transportation.

We are a reliable partner who can be entrusted with high-value pharmaceutical and healthcare cargo. Ensuring compliance with all necessary regulations by a highly skilled and experienced team.

Girteka Logistics has an outstanding pharmaceutical cargo solution. We are experts with GDP, own a modern and secure fleet managed by a team of qualified professionals.