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How to secure your logistics services in face of a recession?


The term recession is already being used in most of the economic and logistics discussions. Faced with lower demand than is usual for the always busy December period indicates the first signs of economies slowing down due to inflation and the overall geopolitical situation. How will it touch the logistics market and the already disrupted supply chains? How to reduce the risk of lower demand for logistics services and secure ongoing sustainable company development in the future? One of the recent solutions provided by Girteka is MarketSpace, a dedicated platform for partners with large volumes of shipment offers.

MarketSpace for easy access to online negotiations

Logistics, like most sectors, is facing a recession. Due to the energy crisis and booming inflation, many manufacturers already trimmed their future production plans. The same can be seen in private investors’ consumption level, which is slowing down, mainly due to inflation. Hence, the upcoming months could be challenging. The lowest December demand for logistics and transportation services, high fuel prices, and the energy crisis ahead, already gives hints and question marks regarding maintaining the development of small and medium enterprises – how to cope with rising costs, acquisition of new clients, adapting to new regulations and requirements, etc.? One of the answers could be MarketSpace, a new Girteka platform dedicated to carriers.

MarketSpace is a specially designed and set up solution – a road transport platform dedicated to carriers who want to start working with Girteka. In one place, they can:
• discover all Girteka’s available shipments;
• bid, negotiate, and chat in real time;
• easily confirm the shipment;
• get access to a load anywhere and anytime.

This solution allows carriers to secure continuous high-level cooperation and contracts, which influence their possibilities to plan investments and development. And all of that is easily accessible with free registration.

“Girteka provides our company with high-level international transport cooperation. The main basis of partnership with Girteka is reliability, and professionalism, which are combined with engagement in cooperation and attention to our company’s needs. Cooperation takes place under professional diligence. We can always count on competent help and advice, as well as the professional service and expertise of the whole team,” says Elżbieta Floryszczyk, owner of FUH “ELMIR” Elżbieta Floryszczyk, one of Girteka’s partners.

Managing all documentation in one place

Responsible Logistics encompasses much more than can be expected. It is not only providing professionalism and quality of services. It is also efficient usage of digital tools. One of the newest elements from Girteka is CarrierSpace. It is an extranet portal where a partner can manage all the information and communication regarding ongoing transports and contracts. With easy 24/7 access to document management, invoicing, and benefits like QuickPay, tunnels, ferries fees, or fuel card partners, carriers can focus on their job and provide the best quality of logistics services.

“Girteka provides its carriers with a choice of different cargoes, which is highly competitive compared to other European companies. The portal provides carriers with all the necessary data about loads, payment terms, and confirmed transport orders. All documents for cargo transportation and loading are always processed on time. Payments are always made on time. So, all the information you need is easily accessible,” summarizes Waldemar Strupiechowski, from Waldemar Strupiechowski FHU, one of Girteka’s partners working with CarrierSpace.

Future development of logistics services

This is another step further on the digital journey of the logistics sector. Upcoming years will bring faster, wider digitalization of companies, not only in the logistics sector. For some small and medium enterprises investment in digital solutions can be a barrier. It seems that individual platforms for shipments, where you as a service provider can build your partnership with large market players, can secure not only business development but also add more benefits from the partnership.

Such solutions like MarketSpace will gather more attention and focus due to its possibilities to upgrade and automatize processes in a quick, simple, and digital way in the logistics sector.