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How Vytautas brings shared values to IT Support


When we think of IT personnel, we usually have this cliché idea of people surrounded by computers looking into some unknown codes on their screen. Today’s IT people are completely opposite to such an image. As Vytautas Lapinskas, IT Service Desk Team Lead at Girteka, says: “My credo in life is to smile and I try to spread it to people”, it is just one example of how the digital landscape in many companies has shaped the culture inside.


A clear path to success


Vytautas has always dreamed of working in an IT department. From his 18th birthday his hobbies were IT, programming, servicing hardware, etc. Today, after many years, he is not only doing what he loves but is also helping many colleagues on how they can use their digital tools in a more efficient way.


His journey in Girteka started in the IT Department, as the Senior IT Engineer in the IT Service Desk Team. “What is most interesting is that we were accepted together with one of my best friends, whom I have known for more than twenty years, and it was actually really great, because the two of us were working together, so we were always supportive of each other, which made it even more cosy,” he remembers.


Thanks to his passion, Vytautas was promoted and today is leading the team that supports every colleague in Girteka. He is part of one of the biggest departments in Girteka, the Office of the Chief Information Officer, responsible for the digitalization journey of the whole Group.


Advanced digital systems in a logistic company?


Asking yourself or a fellow industry representative why should digitalization be present in the logistics sector is a valid line of thought. “Digitalization, including automation, digitized information flows, and artificial intelligence (AI), provides many opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and increase service levels in the road freight transport sector,” noted one study by four scholars at the Stockholm School of Economics,  published in 2021, which looked into how digitalization will affect road freight transport.


Furthermore, route planning and optimization of operations and storage of goods on trailers should see efficiency gains as carriers integrate technology-based solutions into their offerings. But to do so, every company needs IT support, support that Vytautas’ team is providing on a daily basis.


“I am grateful, I am satisfied. New challenges, what really makes you want to keep going, recognition among colleagues – as a leader, I follow those values and I try to be an example to the team, to show them those good qualities, to be an example that would help the team to both grow and learn from their experience,” Vytautas summarizes his role in the company’s success path to become one of the TOP 10 logistics companies in Europe.

Challenges accepted


But the daily routine can be tough. The more advanced we are, the more dependent on software, hardware we become. And in a situation where every minute counts, malfunctioning hardware, issues with accessibility, or just simple lack of knowledge and skills can influence business results. And this is where Vytautas’ team jumps in, to help and support, to solve the issues, allowing business operations to go on smoothly and undisrupted.


“Even if you feel that you cannot do it today, it does not mean you cannot do it in a day or two. As I say, the worst job is the one that you have not tried and have not done yet. It is about taking a chance. If you do not know how – ask your colleagues. If you do not know who to ask from your colleagues – well, try and do it anyway, there is always a first time,” says Vytautas about challenges in his daily tasks.


People like Vytautas are not only shaping the future of IT departments, but they are also the core foundation of well-organized global companies, where digitalization can be found in every small part. Vytautas is also one of the five winners of the Colleagues of the Year ’22 contest. These colleagues really make a difference in our organization. They are the glue that keeps us together. Moreover, they drive our organization by our values and are always ready to go the extra mile.