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About maintenance


Girteka maintains and repairs its own trucks. We follow the strategy of 80/20: 80 % of all repair work is performed in-house, and the remaining 20% are repaired at our partners’ maintenance services. We have more than 9,000 trucks and this number is constantly growing, thus the network and capacity of internal services are also growing.

With regard to the park management module – to have equipment not older than 3 years – the sales figures of the equipment are growing every year, therefore a great emphasis is placed on the development of the body department.


To be the first obvious choice for our clients, we have opened a new, largest transport base in the history of our company in Poland. We are located in the former MAN factory, which covers an area of 20,000 square meters. By the end of 2022, we intend to employ more than 400 employees in the new base, mostly truck drivers, as well as intensively looking for employees in various fields and specialists in the field of administration, especially finance and personnel. It is planned that Girteka will invest more than five million Euros in the activities of the new base over the next five years.

Services provided

In-house maintainance provide all repair, service and maintenance services for own vehicles:

Preparing a new vehicle for the trip. Preparation of truck and semi-trailer for operation. Girteka invests in safety, driver well-being and technology, therefore each truck is equipped with telematics equipment, alarms, locks, alarms and solar panels. Inspections of temperature sensors for thermoregulated semi-trailers, inspections of tachographs. The sets are also available: load securing equipment, driver safety equipment – helmets, shoes, vests.

Control of the technical condition of the vehicle. Before the driver departs to the trip, the vehicles are inspected, starting with a documentary check, an assessment of the technical condition of the vehicles, a check of the basic parameters, an assessment of tire residues and condition, and a scan of the tachograph and tachograph cards.

Maintenance repair. These are technical maintenance of vehicles, all scheduled and unscheduled repairs, tire changes. Vilnius and Šiauliai maintenance have the authorizations of the manufacturers, therefore we can perform warranty work and technical maintenance.

Repair after accidents. In internal maintenances, we perform all types of body work, and restore both semi-trailers and trucks after traffic accidents. The maintenance in Šiauliai specializes in extremely complex repairs: a team of professionals works with the latest cab straightening equipment.

Roadside assistance. The maintenance center provides uninterrupted 24/7 assistance to drivers in all technical, traffic accidents, breakdowns, evacuation issues. The department organizes scheduled and unscheduled repairs at partner services and provides comprehensive roadside assistance.

Preparation of equipment for sale. The life cycle of vehicles in a group of companies ends with the preparation of machinery for sale. We adhere to extremely high-quality standards, therefore the vehicles meet both technical and aesthetic requirements, from interior cleanliness to a well-polished body. Strict multi-stage quality control ensures inspection of all components and control of damage and defects in body parts.