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Marija on how support from the company fosters growth and creativity


When you start your business career, most of us start off by doing simple tasks and initiatives. Yet the path we choose is not always completely in our hands. External circumstances influence the way we develop our knowledge and skills. There is a huge responsibility within the organization to support, aid, and define the development path of its employees and to encourage them in achieving their professional goals.


Marija Vasiliauskaitė is one of the examples of how from more of an assisting position, one can grow and develop to become a fully experienced specialist, in her case – conducting extensive projects and campaigns in the area of internal communication.


“I can say that I have grown a lot over the years because I have gone from being, I guess, more of an assistant, and an aide in certain tasks, to now being fully responsible for certain projects. And I am gaining more and more independence in my work,” she explains.


Now Marija is responsible for a large part of internal communication in Girteka Group – taking care of drivers’ communication, which is crucial in a company that employs more than 19,500 professional truck drivers.


“My professional leap from where I started and where I am now, is very strong. It is probably impossible not to grow and improve at Girteka because the organization itself is growing and developing in everything strongly. In order to catch up with the organization and be part of it you also have to grow through these processes together.”


Marija Vasiliauskaitė recently received the Colleague of the Year Award’22 for her constant creativity, and eagerness to deliver news to the whole Girteka team. As the owner of many internal projects, she makes engaging and high-quality content, that fosters team spirit among colleagues.


Dancing, singing, acting, and creating internal communication for colleagues is a perfect combination for Marija to fulfill her desired life goals. She is a value-driven person and strives to improve in every possible way, in her personal life and career.

“It is very important for me that my work gives me not only satisfaction but is also really close to my values. Everything that I have come up with, I have ended up implementing in one way or another here at Girteka. It is great that Girteka is providing opportunities for creativity to shine through,” Marija summarized.

Being a large company that continues to grow gives everyone the opportunity to develop themselves by taking part in the journey. To support this path Girteka has implemented several tools and initiatives.

The main area of personal development is learning. Learning that is accessible to all colleagues in various forms and languages, including such tools as:

  1. E-learning
  2. Internal know-how base
  3. Mentorship program
  4. Leadership development
  5. Leadership library
  6. Language courses


To become successful and develop your professional goals both engagement and willingness from the employee as well as supportive tools from the organization are needed. With that kind of setup, the benefits will always be mutual.