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More than 120 robotized processes to support customers


Today’s world will not consist without the Internet or mobile network. We began the digitization process in Girteka two years ago, and while we have already achieved significant achievements, there are still more innovations to create the best customer experience. By achieving company goals and protecting the environment, digital solutions enable us to better care for ourselves, society, and our progress.

Robotic automation – what is it?

Ten years ago, we were still watching terrifying movies about AI and its potential to rule the world. Despite our fears, we continued in the direction of developing AI tools and robotics solutions that help us in expanding our business. Today we can find them in our everyday life. Robotics and AI have become part of our daily routine also in Girteka.

“Girteka uses robotic process automation that allows us to mimic human actions in various business scenarios of standardized, repeatable, rules-driven, and system-based activities. In other words, you can think of a software robot as a virtual colleague who can execute tasks very fast, accurate, and 24/7. At the same time, you can focus on work that requires more decision-making and creativity,” explains Giedrė Petrauskienė, Automation Service Lead in Girteka.

Supporting daily routine

Software robots are a massive help for teams in their daily operations. Robotics solutions may take over the duties, achieving the goals and providing the outcomes by the programmed stages with well-defined, repeatable operations.

“For example, in our transport department, we have a robotics process automation (RPA) solution that covers the requirements implemented by the mobility package. In 6 months, it has already covered more than 500.000 cases. If we wanted to do it manually, we would need to hire 17 full-time employees, available 24/7. This is just an example of how simple innovations can influence a business. In Girteka, we have more than 120 robotized processes that allow us to support our customers and employees in everyday tasks,” says Giedrė Petrauskienė.

Continuous development

Our journey toward a digital transformation, which started in 2020, has not yet reached its halfway point.. Today we support processes in the finance department, human resources, and of course, in the business and transport area, where we even deliver instant information to specific customers about their cargo’s possible loading or unloading delays, thanks to automated robotic processes.

In the near future, we will deliver even more to our customers, including sustainable information, full real-time visibility of our fleet, or any process we are looking into now.

There are many different benefits to implementing any innovative solutions in Girteka. Counting from a speed of work, minimizing errors and mistakes, maintaining operations during peak season, working 24/7, the flexibility of usage (possibility to turn on and off at any time) to optimization of processes before programming them.

“All our solutions are made, inspired, or initiated by our employees. Their engagement, thinking out of the box, and inspirations are crucial in developing an innovation culture inside the company. The digital landscape we have in Girteka supports that work, avoiding repeatable and manual tasks handling and allowing people to become leaders and make a real change internally and externally, for customers, partners and communities,” summarizes Giedrė Petrauskienė.

At Girteka, digitalization is not just a word – it comes from real projects and initiatives that help to develop business. With support from innovative solutions like, for instance, real-time calculating emissions from cargo with 99% precision, we can make a huge step towards becoming the most sustainable and digitalized logistic company in Europe.