OPEN DAY ATTENDED BY 150 POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES - Girteka - Responsible Logistics



On the last Saturday of May, Girteka Logistics, the most quickly growing employer of last year, held an Open Day event for its potential employees in the company’s headquarters in Vilnius. The event was attended by 150 guests who participated in the company’s presentation and who were later invited to a tour around the main headquarters of Girteka Logistics. The tour was guided and the guests were welcomed by 30 employees of the company who represented different positions.

“The strength of our organization is our people. A live chat, an opportunity to get first-hand feedback on what it is like to work for Girteka Logistics, is exactly the kind of thing that can help many young people to decide to join us. Seeing it once is better than hearing about it a dozen times. Moreover, we want to dispel the myth that only transport and logistics specialists are wanted here – the company employs around 15 000 people, 2 000 of whom work in administration. In this event we made it possible for people to talk with 30 of our colleagues representing different areas of work. We are very happy that 100 candidates expressed their desire to meet with our recruiters to talk about their career opportunities”, – Girteka Logistics COO Paulius Dambrauskas said.

Girteka Logistics held its first Open Day last year. This year, the event was even larger and more comprehensive. The visitors could go on a fun interactive tour organized by the company’s employees around the main office of Girteka Logistics, the leading transport company in Europe. Employees representing different areas of work presented positions in information technology, freight forwarding, route planning, sales coordination, as well as daily activities of the company. The guests also solved reaction tests and were interested in the company, its growth and its success story.

eetings with recruiters team received a lot of attention. Those who were interested in job opportunities at Girteka Logistics could sign up for a job interview in the area of business most suitable to them. Within 3 hours, 100 interviews were conducted with potential employees, almost 30 of whom were invited to the next step of recruitment.
According to Mr. Dambrauskas, the fact that last year Girteka Logistics increased its number of employees by 38 percent will by no means prevent further growth of the company’s team.

“Our aim for 2021 is to have the largest company office in Lithuania – we are building an entire office town called Girteka Campus. Our great team is open for new members. There are plenty of reasons for joining: continuous development in our internal Training Academy is an integral part of our daily work. We have colleagues of 20 different nationalities, and 98 percent of our clients are international, which makes it a great opportunity practicing your language skills. We do not only work together, we also celebrate victories, play table football and basketball, run marathons, join forces for social causes, and our company’s celebrations are like entire festivals filled with good mood”, – Mr. Dambrauskas pointed out.

In 2021, the headquarters of Girteka Logistics will move to Liepkalnis where Girteka Campus, an entire office town, will have been built. It will be a place of work for 2 500 employees and will also have a truck service hub and a shopping and entertainment centre. Girteka Logistics plans to have 23 000 employees by 2021. At the start of this year, the company completed the expansion of its existing office as well: an additional building was built for 540 new workplaces with an office of 9500 sq. m. in total.