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Remigiusz Sawicki takes over as Head of Transport Operations in Poland


Girteka, a leading European road hauler based on the digitalisation of its services, is betting on the dynamic development of its Polish branch and the largest transport base in its logistics network in Sady near Poznań. This task has now been entrusted to Remigiusz Sawicki, who took over as Head of Transport Operations in Poland at the beginning of the year.


Remigiusz Sawicki is an experienced manager and leader. Before his position at Girteka, he worked in the automotive and electronics industries. He gained his professional experience through managerial roles in both production and service development departments.


“I am fascinated by modern technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence, which I keep up to date by analysing industry reports and learning how to use them in my everyday life, professionally and privately. I am delighted to be joining such a cutting-edge company that bases its growth on digitalisation and the use of these opportunities.” – Remigiusz Sawicki says.


Motivated by the growth and scale of the business

Remigiusz Sawicki decided to take on the position of Head of Transport Operations in Poland, driven by the scale of the company’s operations, its commitment to continuous improvement, and its clearly defined growth strategy. This opens a new phase in his career in the transport and logistics industry.


“Girteka’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with the values that guide my work. Sharing my experience and supporting the team in an organisation that is shaping the future of logistics is a passionate challenge for me,” Remigiusz Sawicki emphasizes.


Operational excellence, innovation, and teamwork


Remigiusz Sawicki’s main objectives are management focused on achieving operational excellence and promoting innovation, both locally and globally. Priority will be given to optimising processes, seeking new business development opportunities, and increasing customer satisfaction, including through local initiatives. Remigiusz Sawicki’s approach to team management will be based on promoting a culture of collaboration and inclusion.


“Different points of view lead to innovative solutions, so I will encourage our team to communicate openly and share ideas. Building strong relationships within the team is key for me, and the aim is to foster an organisational culture where everyone feels comfortable, expresses their opinions, and uses their strengths,” announces Remigiusz Sawicki.


Orchard transport base on the road to development


Girteka’s transport base in Sady, near Poznań, was launched in 2022.  It is the largest and most modern base in Girteka’s logistics network and also one of the largest facilities of its kind in Europe. It is responsible for serving customers in Western European markets and providing technical services for Girteka’s fleet of trucks. The facility, which has an operational area of 22,43,000 square meters, includes a modern service facility, extensive driver facilities, and an administration area. It is also home to the Driver Academy, one of Girteka’s main driver training centers.  Currently, nearly 6,000 drivers and 400 mechanics work there, with up to 4,000 trucks being serviced here. The transport base plays a key role in the company’s international expansion.


Girteka has been present in Poland since 2019. In addition to the transport base near Poznań, the Polish branch of ClassTrucks, a Group company, operates in Rawa Mazowiecka.