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Girteka Logistics is often the first choice of a secure and experienced transport company in the electronics industry. We work for industry leaders delivering components and finished products throughout our route network. We offer fixed contracts with flexibility combined with high security transports that are constantly monitored. We have a proven and well known track record for understanding our electronics clients, and delivering as promised every time.

Typically we serve the electronics industry with our new reefer trailers that are monitored 24/7, have high security locking systems, GPS surveillance and two drivers who are constantly monitored by our transport center. Girteka Logistics comply with all industry requirements related to code of conduct and ISO standards.

In Girteka Logistics we have advanced tracking systems that clients could feel safe for their cargo all the time. We customize monitoring for each client’s needs.

GPS is used for the control of all transport operations and allows us to maintain 24-hour communications with our vehiclesWe know the exact location and movement of vehicles can remotely control the temperature of goods and the opening of vehicle doors to ensure the safety of the cargo.

customs carrier status Customs carrier status
location point delivery 24/7 GPS monitoring
TAPA locks Special metal locks for extra safety
truck parking Parking only in secured parking spaces
mobile panic button Mobile panic devices CSM security reacts immediately
check Polley-Security checking trailers before going to ferry


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