On March 16, the transport base of the Girteka Logistics group of companies in Šiauliai hosted the award ceremony for the winner of the 5th season of the motivational program for economical and ecological driving for Girteka Logistics drivers – “ECO League”.

The 5-th season of the “ECO League” began in July 2020 and became an exceptional one in the history of the program, because until the end of the season it wasn’t clear whose of the leaders would become the winner, as 3 participants collected the maximum number of points. But after the end of the season and by counting of the results, the winner was determined.

The winner of the 5th season of the “ECO League” is the driver from European park Viktoriia Saniuta, who scored 100 eco-points out of 100! Viktoriia was handed a check from the “TOPO CENTRAS” chain of stores for 1000 euros. Also, during the second half of 2020, the ranks of the best drivers in economical driving were joined by more than 80 colleagues, who will get valuable prizes for their achievements.

At the award ceremony, Darius Visakavicius, Training Process Development Team Leader, in his congratulatory speech emphasized that ““ECO League” – initiative of economical and eco-friendly driving has started in 2018 and today it became successful, and the achievements of drivers are getting better with each season.” On behalf of the employees of the Training Academy of the Girteka Logistics group of companies, Darius expressed gratitude to the drivers for their active participation in “ECO League” and shared that he is proud that they improve efficiency and skill of the work.

The winner of the 5-th season of “ECO League” was also congratulated by the Chief Transport Officer of Girteka Logistics group of companies. Mindaugas Paulauskas said: “The previous year has been a real challenge for our entire organization, but despite all the difficulties, we were and remain the first choice for our clients and colleagues. I am glad that the year 2021 began with pleasant event in the transport division of Girteka Logistics group of companies: not so long ago we congratulated the 15,000-th driver who joined our team, which proves that we continue to grow and develop. Summing up the results of the 5-th season of the “ECO League”, I am proud to say that each season shows the improving results of drivers and how responsibly they treat safety and eco-driving”.

We invited the winner for a short interview:

How do you feel in the role of the winner of the “ECO League’s” 5th season?

I am very glad and happy, of course I feel a little excited because it was unexpected for me. I participate for the third time in the “ECO League”, at first, I took the 17-th place in the third season, in the fourth season I was on 10-th place and finally I took the first place in the fifth season. I’m very proud of myself!

How did you become a truck driver?

It is not a secret that my husband has been working in this field for a long time. Once he took me on a trip with him, and I realized that I really like this job! When my husband got employed in Girteka Logistics group of companies, I started to attend truck driving lessons and after one year and a half of the hard work, I started working with my husband in a pair crew. I successfully passed the test drive and the training, and we went on our first route.

How long have you been working in the Girteka Logistics group of companies?

It will be 2 years In April 2021.

Can you share your experience of working in a pair crew with your husband?

Of course, being together 24/7 is a difficult test for any couple, but we managed to handle it perfectly. I am very happy that my husband is always there for me, that we can work together, explore Europe ang communicate with foreigners, and having vacation together.

How do you solve conflict situations while working with a husband?

We are trying to agree in advance, so we initially share responsibilities and each of us are responsible for a certain stage of work. We exclude unnecessary disputes and don’t oppose each other’s decisions as part of our duties. Therefore, there are no disagreements between us. We are working together to make our family stronger.

What advantages do you see of working in Girteka Logistics group of companies?

Girteka Logistics is a very big group of companies, but it doesn’t interfere with the ability of the employer to provide an individual approach to each employee. There are very polite staff, we have nice communication with our manager, and he always helps us. Also, the new trucks are a huge advantage. I would recommend Girteka Logistics as an employer.

Do you think there is a need for such motivational programs for drivers as “ECO League”?

I think there is a huge need — it makes us very motivated. Because we understand the main goal and we know what we need to try for. When drivers are interested, their other indicators also improve: the driving style, their attitude to the truck and even increase interest in work. It is also very nice to see yourself in the list of the best participants, after all, there are more than 15,000 drivers in our company.

Can you share a few tips on how to achieve such an impressive result in the “ECO League” as yours?

The drivers must have purposefulness, perseverance, constant work on their results and driving performance. Drivers must analyze their mistakes and their actions. It is necessary to comply with all the criteria for eco-driving.

Finally, what would you like to wish for all drivers of Girteka Logistics group of companies?

I want to wish everyone a good journey, have a nice work and of course always improve yourself and achieve your goals!

The motivational program “ECO League” continues, and since January 1 of the 2021, 6th season has started. We wish a good luck to everyone!