Self-service for employees provided by SAP Success Factors - Girteka - Responsible Logistics

Self-service for employees provided by SAP Success Factors


The journey to a modern Girteka is not only about changes in technologies and business processes but also about the people in the business. The benefits of digital transformation arise from combining its two key elements: technology and people. When these two powerful forces come together as part of a single strategy, everyone gains significant benefits.

Changes in the Group


Starting in 2020, the digital transformation of Girteka is turning its gears even faster, including not only business-oriented and customer-focused processes but also touching people’s management. For 26 years, Girteka has demonstrated rapid growth: the fleet, daily operations, and employees have increased by a hundredfold or sometimes by a thousandfold. That kind of development is supported by digital transformation, which supports every employee and manager and provides state-of-art tools and solutions to focus on the efficiency of daily work.


The past year was full of changes in Girteka Group, starting from Responsible Logistics positioning, to new offices development and openings in Lithuania, Poland and Georgia. Now, with very internationally oriented teams, management inside the company is supported with digital HR tools, like the SAP Success Factors.  SAP SuccessFactors is a leading suite of cloud-based talent management and human capital management software.

Not only customer-oriented solutions


Having almost 4,000 administration colleagues, divided mainly into 4 different geographical locations, can be a tough challenge in terms of operational and daily processes in the area of people management. As Girteka already implemented many digital solutions focused on customer services, it has now focused on internal processes to upgrade them, make them more efficient, user-oriented and self-managed by every employee. SAP Success Factors is currently being implemented in stages starting from Lithuania to other countries we work in.


“Being a responsible logistics company also means responsibility to colleagues. Today’s success of the company stands on their shoulders, as a key source of meaningful impact is based on teams and people. Although we could compete on the list of benefits and additional support, which is widely available in most of companies, it is daily operations that make your tasks easier, so you can focus on individual challenges and projects,” explains Lina Ponomariovienė, Head of HR Transformation at Girteka.


With a centralized HR tool focused on user experience and delivering necessary solutions, employees can get support by utilizing the tools and solving most of the processes with one simple click.


Managing remote teams in various locations is a challenging task for each manager. Yet, with centralized digital solutions for supporting ongoing processes, managers can do their work even better, finding the best way to manage people that are placed in different countries. Access to all information, stored in one place, easily updated, managed by both managers and employees, and supported by the Chief Information Office (CIO) is ideal.


Despite the place you are hired, being part of the group gives you the same possibilities to manage your own HR profile and all processes and information as well as easily access them.

Employees’ efficiency and engagement


We cannot imagine todays work without support from digital tools. As managing people is not only defined by local regulations, it is also facing the requirements of employees in terms of quickness, smoothness, availability as well as access to data information and having one system that enables the transformation of a manager’s role to a leader position by empowering them to be fully accountable for their leadership.


The benefits from that kind of approach are not only in terms of management and efficiency, but it also reduces errors, time consumption and is more sustainable, due to the digitalization of all paperwork and the whole employee life cycle.

Sustainable winning culture


Properly designed, implemented, and managed data is today’s winning element. For truly international companies, it is sometimes the only way to optimize their internal processes according to business needs and employees’ requirements. Yet this solution not only simplifies, supports, and helps HR departments and their processes but is also a sustainable solution. Most companies in the logistics sector operate based on old paperwork processes and do not have enough time and will to transform into more digitalized companies.


Although being focused on digital solutions can provide you with business opportunities not only due to the engagement and clear focus from employees perspective, as internal processes are easy manageable through digital tools, but can also assure information flow that is part of overall digital architecture, where those kind of data are valuable and useful for business tenders, discussions, presentations.


“Being truly responsible, we need to consider the daily processes and challenges all our colleagues encounter. And now, with digital support from SAP Success Factors, we can provide and optimize HR processes and information flow for the advantage of every employee, allowing them to focus more on business,” summarizes Lina Ponomariovienė.