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The International Advantage: How Diversity Drives Innovation and Growth


Being an international company does not only mean conducting business in many countries. A truly international company is something more than products and services available across Europe or the whole world. It is the approach and culture inside the company, it is the people and their way of work. And finally, it is opportunities as well as large international projects, which are key elements for an organization to be recognized as such.

Girteka, the largest asset-based company in Europe, has made huge progress in recent years to become a more and more international organization. Starting 27 years ago, with 3 employees and 1 truck, the company has managed to develop to become the largest carrier in Europe, with more than 23,000 employees and 9,200 trucks. This growth is a testament to the engagement and dedication of all the employees, of more than 25 different nationalities.

Opportunities at Hand

Today Girteka’s internationality brings experience, opportunities, and a new way of thinking, further advancing the growth of both the company and its employees. The most convincing proof of this is the employees’ opinions and experiences, and their thoughts on the future of the company and its global approach.

“For me, personally, working in an international company has helped me emerge and see myself from a completely different perspective – I learned how to be patient, value others’ opinions even more, and see the world from a different perspective. I believe, that working in an international company and experiencing all the challenges and accomplishments within it, can help you grow and excel career-wise way faster and better than working in a local company,” says Tamar Kutubidze, People and Culture Specialist at Girteka Business Center in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Being a part of an international company also encourages employees to develop themselves into areas that they never even considered before.

“When joining Girteka, the main languages I spoke were Polish and English. Now, I can admit that after one year of work I can understand most of the things that my colleagues speak in Russian and it motivated me to start to learn this language. Also, the internationality made me more open-minded and gave me different points of view on some tasks and topics. It also changed my approach to some business problems,” says Wojciech Moszczak, Senior Health and Safety Officer at Girteka’s Polish transport base in Poznań.

Challenges During the Day

Daily work in an international company can be exciting but also challenging. There are certain aspects that are crucial for a company to be considered as a truly international company.

“In my opinion, the core of an international company is inclusivity, tolerance, and respect, no matter the country of origin or ethnicity of an employee, and a network of suppliers and clients that are located outside the company’s base country,” comments Aliya Khutova, Marketing Intelligence Partner at Girteka Europe West in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Daily routine at work is sometimes completely different from what is said and written in job advertisements and can create really challenging situations.

“Biggest challenges, which can be faced, while being an international company are different cultures, which might take some time to adapt to, the physical distance, which might cause the loss of belonging in some cases, different communication skills and lastly – choosing the right country to expand to,” explains Kutubidze.

“I think one of the biggest challenges is the fast-paced environment that comes with internationality – there is a need for constant change, and it can be difficult to adjust. But with a bit of a curious mind, I believe this challenge can turn out into a great experience of constant growth and continuous learning, as you never stop experimenting and always try to think out of the box,” adds Khutova.

Advantages for Everyone

Although there are many discussions about the different approaches of local and international companies,  young people, open to new challenges, eager for new experiences and meeting new people, find companies such as Girteka very interesting and attractive.

“I think working in an international company is great because it provides you with opportunities for growth and self-development, as well as gives you tools to contribute to the company’s growth. Compared to strictly local companies, in my opinion, international companies have a more open-minded approach to trying and implementing new things, onboarding new projects, and giving employees more growth opportunities. That is exactly my experience of working in Girteka,” shared Khutova.

“I think internationality helps to solve many problems since we onboard people with different experiences and approaches that can propose many insightful solutions. It also helps people to break language barriers, because in most cases they have to use a language that is not native to them,” adds Moszczak.

Girteka, as an embodiment of internationality, illustrates the profound impact of global exposure on professional growth and development. Its commitment to internationality resonates not just in its diverse clientele but also within its workforce. This multicultural dynamic cultivates a broader worldview among employees, promoting adaptability and resilience, which are essential traits in a rapidly evolving globalized world.

Viewing internationality as an opportunity rather than a challenge, Girteka stands as a testament to the power of diversity and interconnectedness. This approach, far from being merely about conducting operations in multiple countries, reflects the notion of embracing the world within the organizational fabric. In doing so, Girteka solidifies its position as a leading industry player, embodying the promise of a connected world.