THE WINNER OF ECO LEAGUE SEASON 4 ANNOUNCED - Girteka - Responsible Logistics



Our drivers make not only miles, they do ECO miles! ECO League award ceremony took place in Girteka Logistics transport base in Šiauliai on July 22nd. The event was attended by drivers, administration staff and the company managers. The winner of the 4th season is the driver of the EU park Anatoly Romaniuk, who managed to score 97.01 points out of 100!

ECO League is a motivational program of economic and ecologic driving for Girteka Logistics drivers. After the announcement of the half-year results, another 76 of our drivers joined the lists of winners. Valuable prizes await the participants with the highest scores, and the main prize this year is a laptop chosen by the winner. As a rule, the main prize of the competition is a check worth 1 000 euros for the selected trip, but Covid-19 is adjusting the plans of people around the world, and we adapting to the new rules of living and traveling, have chosen an alternative gift.

Participants of celebration were greeted by the Chief Transport Officer of Girteka Logistics. Mindaugas Paulauskas said: “We all understand the current situation in Europe. I would like to thank all our drivers and the entire Girteka Logistics team for ensuring the delivery of goods to Europe, Scandinavia, and the CIS countries during this difficult period of time. We are happy that our trucks did not stop, we continued freights transportation, and our customers are also grateful for that. While working hard we did not forget our direction, motivational program – ECO League. We try to drive ecologically, our fleet consists of the latest EURO 6 standard trucks, the most ecological and economical on the market. ”

After the awards ceremony, we invited Anatoliy for an interview. The winner has 15 years of experience as a truck driver, six of them in Girteka Logistics. Anatoliy crossed the finish line with a Volvo truck, his work routes were in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, and Poland. Anatoliy admitted that he achieved the best results with the help of our Training Center teachers with whom he regularly consulted. The winner mentioned that he has his own ECO driving tricks and secrets. At the end of the interview, Anatoliy wished his colleagues patience in their work and, most importantly, to adhere to the principles of safe driving.

The “ECO League” motivational program continues successfully. The 5th season started on July 1, the results of which will be announced on December 31. We wish everyone good luck!