Warehouse Services & Chestny ZNAK Mandatory Markings

Warehouse Services & Chestny ZNAK Mandatory Markings


Russia is in the midst of creating the world’s most ambitious supply chain, track and trace system. Its National Track and Trace Digital System, known as Chestny ZNAK is scheduled to be fully operational by 2024.  

At the end of 2017, Chestny ZNAK was officially signed into law. The Center for Research in Perspective Technologies or CRPT is a public-private partnership that manages Chestny ZNAK.  

Each product is given a unique code, and as that product moves along the supply chain in Russia it is checked and compared with the original code in the Chestny ZNAK system, verifying that the code is valid to prevent fraud. 

The system already traces over 6 billion codes, has almost a dozen product categories already covered, from drugs and medical goods, to milk and tobacco – guaranteeing product authenticity for consumers in Russia. This protects brands and cuts losses incurred by businesses competing against the illegal trade. 

The impact of Chestny ZNAK on exporters to Russia

All products made in Russia or destined for export to Russia must be marked with the unique digital code to be totally traceable from manufacturing to sale 

This means that even international companies exporting goods into Russia will need to adhere to these regulations and follow the Chestny ZNAK code mandatemarking packages with the code and registering them in the systemGirteka Logistics can provide a dedicated solution, printing and placing the labels on your products and packaging. 

Each time merchandise passes through a stage of the supply chain it is scanned and registered in the government’s central database. This information serves to prove that the merchandise is genuine and has been legally produced or imported and retailed. 

Companies that do not comply face serious consequences and risk being banned from doing business in Russia, including producers, wholesalers and retailers. 

The benefits of total traceability

Retailers and manufacturers of consumer goods can leverage the fact that they are able to prove that their products are 100% authentic.  

International businesses exporting to Russia will be reassured that they are not having to compete against counterfeit or smuggled goods, and that their products are not going to be cloned.  

The Chestny ZNAK system also offers data-driven insights for businesses to optimize their supply chain and manage their product inventory based on the instant data on product sales and shipping.  

And with a shift to digital commerce and away from paper documentation, as well as reducing the environmental impact it ensures everything is fully traceable with information readily accessible online. 

Girteka Logistics offers a full range of warehouse logistics & Chestny ZNAK labelling

Girteka Logistics offers a full range of warehouse logistics, cargo handling and storage services, as well as excise warehouse services at our own terminal. 

From 2021 onwards we also have a dedicated warehouse solution for the mandatory marking of products in accordance with Chestny ZNAK regulations for companies that export goods to Russia.  

Girteka Logistics provides Chestny ZNAK markings for perfumes, cosmetics, light industry goods (such as clothes), footwear, tyres, automotive goods.  

The CPRT assigns a unique data code to be placed on the packaging by the manufacturer or importer. We print these labels ourselves, directly labelling your product packaging at our warehouse location. 

Girteka Logistics is able to prepare materials in advance, speeding up the process to fulfil the Chestny ZNAK requirements. Our solution covers state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, and rapid processing of large quantities of goods thanks to the latest technology and highly professional staff. 

Girteka Logistics warehouse solutions for your business: 

  • Print any label, including Chestny ZNAK, and mark product packaging according to regulations, on-site with stickers/labels/back labels in different sizes and colors, transparent stickers, paper stickers, colored letters etc.  

  • Affix labels on all types of cargo and products including those with complex packaging. 

  • Repackaging of goods. 

  • Consolidation of partial shipments and freight from smaller orders. 

  • Available to load and unload 7 days a week. 

  • Complete customs documentation in the warehouse location 24/7. 

  • Offer clients access to a Warehouse management system (WMS) for order and document management that expedites a faster service delivery and lowers error rates.  


In terms of the Girteka Logistics warehouses they are EU-certified Class A and can store goods intended for both EU and export markets. With over 600 dedicated staff servicing a combined warehouse space of 23,000+ sq. m we offer temperature-control options from +10°C to +20°C, with rack and floor storage systems and six-story deep linear shelving.  

If you choose to transport the goods with Girteka Logistics, we use advanced tracking systems installed in our fleet that monitor the cargo 24/7, ensuring your goods make their way along the supply chain to their final destination in Russia without deviations. 

All Girteka Logistics trailers have a high security additional door locking system, GPS surveillance and remote monitored thermographs minimizing the risks of goods being tampered with. 

We help our clients optimize their inventory and supply-chain efficiency, plan logistics better, and reduce administrative costs. So they can focus fully on developing their business.  

For more information, including the details on which goods are affected and the dates from when digital marking will be required for goods in Russia view the Chestny ZNAK website.