Since 2015, the annual report has been dedicated to overviewing our progress in strengthening our corporate social responsibility. This year, focus was placed on environmental action, Covid-19 response and the significance of partnerships.

 “Girteka Logistics continues its strong commitment to the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals, working in coordination with our dedicated 18,000 employees,” says Edvardas Liachovičius, CEO, Girteka Logistics.

Developing partnerships and collaboration

As the first Lithuanian transportation company to join the UN Global Compact initiative, we are proud that more Lithuanian companies from different sectors are becoming involved. Even in the bigger picture, there are just under 300 companies in the logistics industry worldwide which are committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Preparing the report every year now has become an integral part of Girteka Logistics, as we see the positive impact our actions have not only in the company, but in the wider community. As more companies are becoming involved, it also brings about collaboration opportunities, expanding our efforts.

Continuing focus on safety and environment

Girteka Logistics continued its tradition of actively supporting road safety projects. Alongside participating at the 2020 Lithuanian Road Administration road safety annual event “Protecting me and you”, we launched a new initiative “Be Safe on the Road” together with our partners, handing out 30,000 children books across Lithuania.

Road safety is at the heart of our company, and with 15,000+ truck drivers on the road we try at every possible opportunity to be the best in the industry for our drivers and for the well-being of the community,” Says Martynas Sarapinas, Chief Information Officer at Girteka Logistics.

The Report also highlights the actions taken in line with the Girteka Logistics Sustainability Policy, particularly in expanding the European Intermodal Network, now transporting up to 650 full truckloads of cargo via a range of intermodal rail and ferry lines. A highlight was supporting the pilot LG Cargo intermodal train from Germany to Lithuania, as the intermodal network continues to grow across the continent.

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