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How to book a full truck load (FTL) delivery with Girteka Logistics?


While booking a full truck load (FTL) shipment might look like a complex process, it is not as daunting as it might seem. The procedure is fairly short and simple, no matter if it is a SPOT, a short-notice, or a contractual delivery, especially if done online.

Define your needs

One of the first steps in booking an FTL delivery is defining the type of delivery for your products. Since Girteka Logistics operates a fully-owned fleet of 8,000 trucks and 8,700 trailers, you can be guaranteed that a tailored solution will be provided.

As a result, no mater if a customer demands a box, mega, tent, or refrigerated trailer, the logistics provider will be able to offer a dedicated truck and a trailer to move their goods to their intended destination. Picking a trailer type is fairly easy: if a client’s goods are perishable or are temperature-sensitive, such as fresh & frozen food, or pharmaceuticals, most likely the obvious choice is a refrigerated trailer to make sure that the products keep their shelf-life or quality until they reach their destination.

To ensure the quality when carrying such items, the carrier’s fleet includes refrigerated trailers that have a temperature range from 25 degrees Celsius to -25 degrees Celsius, as well as being equipped with thermographs and are calibrated annually to make sure that they maintain their ability to control the temperature. Additionally, Girteka Logistics is a Good Distribution Practise (GDP)-certified company, adhering to the industry standards of carrying pharmaceuticals.

If carrying high-value goods or expensive e-commerce electronics, the road freight transport company can provide a box trailer. Girteka Logistics‘ refrigerated and box trailers are equipped with Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) locks, as the company is certified according to the TAPA TSR level 1 standard.

Nevertheless, such goods that are not perishable and are high in their volume are usually best fitted to be carried by tent or mega trailers. The difference between the two is that a mega trailer can have an inner height of three meters, allowing the FTL to be loaded with more goods due to increased volume within the trailer. However, that choice is optional and if a customer feels like that he needs to carry his, for example, Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), in a box trailer, Girteka Logistics always listens to their customer wishes and if needs be, provides advice on the right choice.

Time and location of your full truck load (FTL)

The next step following the choice of a trailer and the type of cargo a customer will carry on board, loading and unloading sites, as well as the times associated with filling up and emptying the trailer are next.

If a shipper needs to move goods quickly, this is where Girteka Logistics’ huge fleet of trucks and trailers can help. While moving a full truck load (FTL) of excised goods from the winemaker regions of Italy to Sweden, for example, in a couple of days is no easy feat, the logistics provider is able to provide a tailored offer, such as the usage of trailer swapping or employing a two-driver crew for express deliveries. Thus, a customer can be certain that if they need a custom delivery solution, Girteka Logistics will be able to provide one.

Furthermore, if their goods need additional protection, the company offers real-time visibility of the cargo, as well as an active monitoring center that quickly responds to any kind of deviations in the planned route.

The coverage of Girteka Logistics includes destinations in the whole of Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, CIS, as well as Middle Asia. Part of the company’s fleet is also registered in various countries, including Russia, making the process of clearing customs much easier, strengthened by the fact that the road freight provider is a certified customs carrier.

The logistics provider can also integrate sustainable solutions into a full truck load (FTL) delivery. While Girteka Logistics operates Euro 6 standard diesel engine-equipped trucks that are on average, around 2.5 years old, the company’s environmentally friendly offer is boosted by its intermodal capabilities. The logistics provider is capable of loading trucks and trailers on either ferries or trains, as well as has access to use HVO, an alternative fuel. Both of the sustainable methods have helped Girteka Logistics in slashing its yearly emissions. For example, by utilizing intermodal rail transport, it has carried over 9,500 full truck loads (FTL) on its intermodal network in 2020, saving the environment more than 8,000 tons of CO2 emissions.

Receiving an offer

After filling in all of the information regarding his shipment, a customer receives an offer back, usually at a moment‘s notice.

More often than not, Girteka Logistics integrates an FTL delivery into its daily processes easily, as the large fleet of trucks and trailers has allowed the company to adjust to its clients’ needs and provide an offer quickly following a request for quotation. All that is left to do will be to finalize the offer and payment terms, after which, the full truck load (FTL) delivery process would be set in motion.

On some occasions, Girteka Logistics provides special offers to its clients, if the company has available capacity at hand in certain regions. The best way to receive these offers first is to subscribe to our newsletter, which you can find here:

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