Edvardas Liachovičius
Edvardas Liachovičius joined Girteka Logistics in 1997, as the fourth employee of the company, becoming Chief Executive Officer in 2008, contributing to successful and sustainable growth of the company.

Alongside the vast experience in Logistics, Edvardas holds International Executive MBA from the BMI Institute, completed programs at the Wharton School and Honsha.

Edvardas is a minority shareholder and a Board Member at Girteka Logistics.

Mantas Litvinavičius
Chief Operating Officer, Europe
Mantas Litvinavičius has deep knowledge of transport and logistics and a broad management experience from leading positions within Girteka Logistics.

Since joining the company in 2003, he held numerous positions in Girteka Logistics, appointed Chief Commercial Officer for Europe in 2018, becoming Chief Operating Officer for Europe in 2021.

Mantas Litvinavičius has an Executive MBA from the BMI Institute (2020).

Donatas Načajus
Chief Operating Officer, Scandinavia
Donatas Načajus joined Girteka Logistics in 2003, becoming Chief Operating Officer for the Scandinavian Business Area in 2019.

Over his time in the company, Donatas has worked across all three geographical directions at Girteka Logistics – Russia, Europe and Scandinavia – this gave him a thorough understanding of sales and commercial operations, collaboration with multicultural teams in ensuring the continuous improvement. Donatas also held the position of Chief Transport Officer.

In 2019 Donatas completed the INSEAD program on Supply Chain Management, further developing his expertise.

Pavel Kveten
Chief Operating Officer, Russia/CIS
Pavel Kveten was appointed Chief Operating Officer of the Russian business unit in 2021, after becoming Chief Commercial Officer for the unit in 2018, taking responsibility for international and domestic transportation in Russia, as well as the warehousing business.

Pavel started his career in Girteka Logistics in 2011 as a Transport Coordinator in the Excised Cargo Unit. Since 2014, he continued his career at the Russian business unit as a Manager of the Thermoregulated Cargo Department responsible for cargo transportation from Europe to Russia by thermoregulated trailers.

Pavel completed a Master’s degree in Marketing, Strategy and Management at the BI Norwegian Business School in 2019, as well as a Master’s degree in Marketing at the ISM University of Management and Economics in 2020.

Sigitas Meilūnas
Chief Operating Officer, Girteka Fleet
In 2021, Sigitas Meilūnas was appointed as Chief Operating Officer at Girteka Fleet, after holding the position of the Chief Commercial Officer for the business unit for three years.

Sigitas joined the company in 2006 as courier and grew along with the organization. With 10+ years of experience in transport and logistics, he was well performing by setting the direction of the company‘s strategy, maintaining long term relationships with key strategic partners and expanding business opportunities.

Sigitas completed his Bachelor of Transport Technological Equipment at Vilnius Tech in 2006 and will complete his Executive Master in Management at ISM University of Management and Economics in 2021.

He has experience in commercial strategy and organization development the development of the organization from previous responsibilities in Girteka Logistics.

Mindaugas Pasilauskas
Transport Asset Management Director
Mindaugas Pasilauskas joined Girteka Logistics in 2019 as Transport Asset Management Director, overseeing the organization and of the entire Girteka Logistics fleet.

Leading Class Trucks Business Unit, Mindaugas draws from his deep knowledge of global strategy implementation and multinational markets across industries.

Mindaugas’ experience as Managing Director in previous companies gives him outstanding ability to bring the big picture perspective to products, markets and company divisions.

Mindaugas holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Economics from KTU.

Aušra Bijaminienė
Chief People Officer
Aušra Bijaminienė has more than 20 years of experience in building and leading People Management functions in Danske Bank, Nordea Bank, AstraZeneca, Kraft Foods (Mondelez) in Lithuania and Baltic countries.

In 2018, Aušra joined Girteka Logistics as Chief People Officer, with a mission to lead a People Success Strategy implementation that enables the company to be The Obvious First Choice for its employees and other stakeholders.

Aušra Bijaminienė holds a Master’s degree in Management and Business Administration, is certified Executive Coach from Centre of Executive Coaching (Florida, USA) and Life Coach from Institute of Life Coaching Training (Ohio, USA).

Mantas Ranonis
Group Chief Finance Officer
Mantas Ranonis joined Girteka Logistics as Chief Finance Officer in 2005. He is responsible for the company group’s financial management.  Since 2019 he also oversees Investment and Real Estate development activities at Girteka Logistics.

Mantas has deep business experience across all activities within the company and a broad financial knowledge from previous employment in Big4 audit firms.

Mantas Ranonis completed the Advanced Management Program from IMD Business School. He is a FCCA (Fellow Chartered and Certified Accountant) and has a Master’s degree in Business Management from Vilnius University.

Martynas Sarapinas
Chief Information Officer
Martynas Sarapinas has a broad technology and transformation leadership experience from leading positions in financial & technology companies.

In 2019, Martynas Sarapinas was appointed Chief Information Officer at Girteka Logistics. His responsibility covers all aspects of organizational digital transformation including technology & engineering functions, strategy execution initiatives and operational excellence.

He previously held positions as First Vice President at Danske Bank, MobilePay and strategic transformational roles at Barclays Bank PLC.

Martynas Sarapinas holds a Master’s degree in Finance & Business Management, along with several executive education programs at Oxford Saïd Business School and Kellogg School of Management.

Mindaugas Paulauskas
Chief Transport Officer
Mindaugas Paulauskas was appointed Chief Transport Officer at Girteka Logistics in 2019, where he continues using and developing his broad management experience in transport and logistics sector.

Mindaugas joined Girteka Logistics in 2008 as Transport manager, and growing together with the company, he was appointed as Head of Transport Process division. In 2017 he became Head of Transport Development division, responsible for transport management, fleet maintenance and of truck drivers performance.

Prior to joining Girteka Logistics Mindaugas was an Engineer in a nuclear powerplant. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from KTU.